Wisk drives responsible AAM deployment with a data-driven microsimulation software platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wisk Aero, a leading Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) company and developer of the first all-electric, self-driving air taxi in the United States, today released its latest white paper, which shares details of its proprietary, data-driven, microsimulation platform called SCOPE (Simulation, Coordination, Optimization, Planning, and Engagement).

Wisk’s SCOPE platform provides cutting-edge information that enables the efficient, thoughtful, and responsible deployment of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in a given geographic area. The platform also enables Wisk to better understand and inform infrastructure and policy development, build stronger partnerships with industry and communities, and propel the AAM industry forward. informed and socially responsible manner.

“At Wisk, we are committed to being responsible members of the local communities we serve,” said Gary Gysin, CEO of Wisk. “We want our future services to be available, accessible and useful to everyone, from students to executives. Wisk’s SCOPE platform provides us with the critical information needed to make informed, data-driven decisions and ensure future services have a positive and meaningful impact for local communities. »

Powered by granular travel demand data, machine learning, and large-scale GPU-based parallelization, the SCOPE platform can create complex simulations and develop models that will help:

  • Support partner engagement (technology, city/local government and local communities)

  • Provide advice on AAM infrastructure development

  • Inform route and network planning recommendations

  • Take into account sustainability and equity considerations in various socio-demographic sectors and markets

  • More accurately predict potential economic and financial impacts

  • Inform internal strategic business decisions, engineering strategy and concept of operations (ConOps) development

“With AAM poised to revolutionize urban transportation, it is essential for AAM companies and their urban partners to leverage advanced modeling and simulation tools, to ensure the responsible and equitable distribution of AAM services,” said Pavan Yedavalli, Head of Product Intelligence and System Simulation. in Wisk. “With our SCOPE platform, we can simulate millions of real-world trips and model travel behaviors in metropolitan areas around the world, while measuring the impact of integrating AAM into the local transport network. The data collected from these simulations is then used to inform and refine our strategy and ensure that we make decisions that benefit the communities we serve.

Wisk’s SCOPE platform is powered by data and input from multiple sources, including Otonomo, the platform that powers the mobility economy. This data, combined with proprietary algorithms from Wisk’s SCOPE platform, helps translate qualitative inputs into quantitative information, allowing Wisk to be more thoughtful and comprehensive in its approach to AAM integration.

Download the latest Wisk white paper, Advanced Intelligent Air Mobilityfor more information on the SCOPE platform and how Wisk is transforming the future of mobility through informed, responsible and data-driven strategies.

About Wisk

Wisk is an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) company dedicated to providing safe daily flights for everyone. Wisk’s self-driving eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) air taxi will allow passengers to avoid traffic and get to their destination faster. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and New Zealand, Wisk is an independent company backed by The Boeing Company and Kitty Hawk Corporation. With over a decade of experience and over 1550 test flights, Wisk is shaping the future of daily commuting and urban travel, safely and sustainably. Wisk is on a journey to deliver a safe, autonomous, all-electric daily flight; join us and learn more here.