Wildcat 91.9 Classroom Series returns from pandemic hiatus with more concerts and artists than ever

(Courtesy photo by Jackson Berland)

Classroom Series – The Wildcat 91.9 Live and Live Concert Series – will resume later this month, adapting to the pandemic with more ways to see and listen to bands.

Brahm Berry, senior vocal performance and co-host of the afternoon show, said the Classroom Series are in-house concert series that Wildcat 91.9 hosts throughout the year.

“We have our live studio, Studio E, and we invite bands to come and play live, and we’re broadcasting that live on the air,” Berry said.

Classroom Series production resumed after a hiatus in March 2020 due to the pandemic.

Jackson Berland, a junior in theater and film studies, is the promotions director and co-host of the Wildcat 91.9 morning show. Berland said the Classroom series intends to show artists from the Kansas state community in their own community.

“Most of the Classroom Series are bands that people don’t know the names of, but they have amazing music,” Berland said. “I want to be able to share with [K-State] these amazing bands that are in your backyard doing amazing stuff.

Berland said he has worked a lot to improve the Classroom series by creating more opportunities to promote guest artists.

“Now if [artists] travel to Manhattan, Kansas, you will have a live show [on the air], a live interview, a live performance [at a venue] and a video or content of your choice, which is a lot of promotional material, ”Berland said.

There are many ways to listen to and watch the Classroom series. The series airs live between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. on the Wildcat 91.9 morning show.

Connor Balthazor, senior political science and president of Wildcat Watch, said Wildcat Watch partnered with Wildcat 91.9 at the events.

“We go out there and collect footage of the event as it is happening, then after the event we collect the audio from 91.9 and compile it into a video that we render to 91.9 and the artists,” he said. declared Balthazor.

Wildcat watchh publishes the videos of the Classroom series in its Youtube channel and Wildcat 91.9 posts on its website and Youtube channel.

Max Lansdowne, a junior in communications studies, is the music director and co-host of the morning show Wildcat 91.9. He said he looked forward to the re-emergence of the Classroom series.

“Classroom Series will create a community, and I’m excited about that,” Lansdowne said.I think Classroom Series will become more important. It can be something that a lot of people are very concerned about. “

Balthazor said he agreed with Lansdowne.

“I love the variety of acts they have,” Balthazor said. “Every time I’ve been on a Classroom Series shoot – which has probably been at least a dozen times – it was a different band of a different genre, it seems. … I like it every time I go, I can expect something different and new.

The next Classroom series will take place on October 15, with the group Same Sounds. Here is a live broadcast from Same Sounds at 7:30 p.m. on October 16 in the public hall.

“What I love about Same Sounds is that they structure their music so that the chorus, bridge and sequence give a lot of different energy to the dance,” Berland said. “It’s amazing house music.”

Updates on the next dates of the Classroom series will be on the Wildcat 91.9 Twitter.

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