Weifenbach says campaign platform ‘doing the right thing for the right reasons’

RAPID CITY, SD — Former Rapid City Councilman Ron Weifenbach has confirmed to NewsCenter1 that he will be running for mayor of Rapid City. The Rapid City Journal first reported on Weifenbach’s intention to return in March.

Mayor Steve Allender recently announced that he will not be seeking re-election to a fourth term.

Ron Weifenbach has lived in Rapid City since 1970, went to Central High, then graduated from Black Hills State. He served on the Rapid City City Council for years, most recently starting in November 2020 when he was elected to replace Lisa Modrick. He says his years of experience in municipal government prepared him for the challenge.

“I’m running for mayor because I believe I can do the job. I understand the process, I understand how things work… I understand it’s not a business, but it can be run like a business,” Weifenbach said.

Weifenbach’s platform is to “do the right thing for the right reasons”. He says he aims to get back to “doing the basics right” and providing the best service at the most efficient price. “I think the citizens will be happy with that,” he added.

Weifenbach says he wants to focus on “closing the gap” with the things the city does on a regular basis. He also says city, county and state lawmakers are getting involved in changing laws to “hold people accountable.”

Incumbent Mayor Steve Allender was first elected in 2015, serving two two-year terms before being re-elected in 2019 for his first four-year term. Allender began his career in public service in 1983, as a law enforcement officer in Belle Fourche. In 1985, Allender began working for the Rapid City Police Department, where he worked for many years before becoming Chief of Police.

“Now I’m at the point in my career where if I chose to run, I feel like I should turn myself into a politician and I should start making promises, start paying close attention to what the people who vote want rather than everyone else,” Mayor Allender told NewsCenter1 in a previous interview.

Rapid City will elect a new mayor in June 2023.