Vindex Launches Intelligence Platform in Partnership with IAB

Vindex, a global gaming technology company, has announced a partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the digital media and marketing trade association, to unlock the full breadth of media and sponsorship opportunities in gaming. , esports and live streaming for brands and advertisers. The Vindex Intelligence Platform will leverage the company’s extensive data collection capability across the games content ecosystem, combined with a powerful insights and analytics platform to provide stakeholders with solutions of actionable measurement, growth and engagement.

“The Vindex Intelligence Platform is a major step in overcoming a key hurdle of decentralized data and measurement in the gaming content ecosystem,” says Mike Sepso, CEO and Co-Founder, Vindex. “The platform gives brands and agencies a better understanding of gaming audiences and gives advertisers the confidence to navigate this ever-changing space. In partnership with the IAB, we will have a unique opportunity to bring game publishers, esports teams and the entire creator economy together with advertisers. »

Vindex and the IAB will collaborate to improve transparency and reduce friction in the gaming and esports ad buying process through active workshops with brands, marketers, and video game publishers during an IAB Brand Academy. IAB Brand Academy is a series of courses exclusively curated for brand marketers and agency executives to help them connect with publishers, platforms and data companies to learn how they can leverage tools , data and information to help them make essential driving decisions. business growth.

“While the gaming consumer continues to be one of the most valuable targets for brands and advertisers, the omnichannel nature and lack of data makes this group difficult to reach,” says Zoë Soon, Vice President of Experience Center, IAB. “IAB applauds industry leaders like Vindex who are developing data solutions and insights to help demystify the game content ecosystem.”

The Vindex Intelligence Platform demystifies the gaming space by identifying audiences with open and transparent metrics, comparisons between streaming destinations, and making it easier to measure media value and campaign performance among buyers and viewers. ad sellers. Proprietary technology measures audience engagement, media consumption habits and player activity trends across live streaming platforms, esports events and VOD content. The platform is designed to meet the unique needs of the gaming and streaming worlds. Available to advertisers, broadcasters, creators and publishers, the Vindex Intelligence platform provides partners with a 360-degree view of the gaming consumer, enabling them to allocate spend more effectively, identify industry trends and provide richer experiences for fans. Vindex will disseminate its findings through a regular cadence of reports and offer specialized programs to industry stakeholders.

The Vindex Intelligence platform was developed by a team of data scientists and engineers from leading research, technology and entertainment companies including Disney, Nielsen, YouGov, FanDuel and Uber. The team is backed by Vindex management, representing sports and media executives from reputable companies such as Major League Gaming, Activision Blizzard, UFC, and more.

Esports Engine, a subsidiary of Vindex, uses the sophisticated audience and engagement metrics of the Vindex Intelligence Platform to power its offerings in broadcast, production and event operations. Belong Gaming Arenas uses the platform to curate new game titles and customize programming for a highly personalized customer experience across its international network of gaming arenas.

Vindex’s IAB Brand Academy will begin sessions in June.