UNIPLAT by Unify Platform AG and Group of Nations Announce Business Alliance Bringing Greater Visibility to Researchers and Entrepreneurs Worldwide

– Presentation of the exclusive UNIPLAT page on the publication platform of the Group of Nations –

YOKOHAMA, Japan, February 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UNIPLAT, the world’s first online platform for researchers and entrepreneurs open sinceSeptember 2021 and Group of Nations, the oldest authorized publisher of global summits (G7, G20, B20, W20, G20 YEA and APEC summits), announced a business alliance on February 22
by launching the exclusive UNIPLAT page on the Group of Nations publishing platform. The exclusive UNIPLAT page is presented to introduce researchers and entrepreneurs from all over the world not only to universities or companies, but also to governments and governmental institutions of the member countries of the world summits.

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Group of Nations publishing platform: https://www.groupofnations.com/

Group of Nations homepage:
https://kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M106816/202202157380/_prw_PI2fl_m536V3u2.png Preview of the exclusive UNIPLAT page on the Group of Nations publishing platform

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https://kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M106816/202202157380/_prw_PI1fl_rHRJ1F3E.png The UNIPLAT exclusive page is like a preview of the home page of the UNIPLAT website. Visitors can see the thumbnail and description of the content uploaded to UNIPLAT, the monthly ranking of researchers and companies that are currently participating on UNIPLAT. With an average of 4 million page views from 64 countries per summit report published on the Group of Nations publishing platform, the exclusive UNIPLAT page will be able to openly expose many possibly underexposed research and studies to the world.“We have always had a vision to showcase our work and help educate and support entrepreneurs, the business community and government leaders around the world. In our pursuit of continued excellence, we are incredibly excited to be associated with an organization with the same objectives, values ​​and vision as the Group of Nations.
an online platform for researchers and entrepreneurs, UNIPLAT is a game-changer and the ideal platform for the Group of Nations to continue to gain visibility. Therefore, we are delighted to have decided to form a business alliance with them. We believe that the collaboration between the Group of Nations and UNIPLAT will allow our customers, many of which are large companies and governments, to support many entrepreneurs and researchers around the world and help them achieve their dreams,” said

founder and CEO of Group of Nations. Based on Google search results.

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“We are deeply grateful to the Group of Nations for this great business alliance. With this alliance, we firmly believe that we could create great value in providing an equitable place and ecosystem where entrepreneurs and researchers can play an active role in the The partnership between UNIPLAT and the Group of Nations is about the living embodiment of the SDGs which not only support them, but also save the world from various crises such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. of the Group of Nations, we look forward to building a more efficient ecosystem as an unprecedented challenge in the world,” said Takahisa Karita

co-founder, CFO and COO of Unify Platform AG, the management company of UNIPLAT.About UNIPLATLogo: https://kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M106816/202202157380/_prw_PI3fl_4IEZU22s.jpgUNIPLAT is the first in the world
specialized online platform for researchers and entrepreneurs around the world to share their ideas and research projects and obtain support from individuals or institutions. Developed and maintained by Unify Platform AG (
https://unify21.com/ ) which is based in


UNIPLAT’s mission is to accelerate the success of the SDGs.

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https://kyodonewsprwire.jp/prwfile/release/M106816/202202157380/_prw_PI4fl_6R35Rj2E.jpgGroup of Nations, which has 26 years of experience working with the G7, G20, B20 and APEC global summits, handles macro information on global trends from governments and big business. As the longest-serving publishing partner of the aforementioned summits, Group of Nations has built an unrivaled reputation for producing and distributing print and digital publications and events that bridge the gap between government policy and the global community. Business. Group of Nations introductory page:


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