Uniform Launches World’s First Composable Digital Experience Platform

Marketers and merchandisers can use codeless tools to create personalized omnichannel digital experiences that blend content from multiple sources, including content management and commerce systems, without having to depend on developers to create Custom integrations, enabling the fastest delivery across all channels. Built-in high-performance testing and customization makes it easy for business users to optimize experiences for better engagement and higher conversions.

With Uniform, developers can create a front-end using their favorite libraries and frameworks; The first-class developer experience enables them to deliver faster and leverage cutting-edge CDNs and computing platforms for the best possible performance, scalability, and security.

“Our team has spent the past two decades creating, selling, implementing and supporting DXP, content management and digital commerce software and solutions for some of the world’s leading brands. Most organizations are struggling to adopt new technologies that can handle today’s performance and omnichannel requirements. due to the transfer of control from business users to developers, ”said Lars Birkholm Petersen, CEO and co-founder, Uniform. “We started Uniform because our years in the trenches with digital marketing and commerce practitioners have shown us how essential it is for these users to be able to create and manage digital experiences without relying on developers. We have built a platform that provides the best experience for both. marketing and development teams. “

Before Uniform, brands interested in adopting a new generation of technology had to reorganize. Uniform eliminates the need to change platforms; Smart grid The technology allows brands to connect their existing monolithic and legacy systems to new headless systems using Jamstack or MACH architectures. Whether the intention is to gradually migrate from legacy systems or create a hybrid technology stack that combines the existing with the new, Uniform enables brands to adopt new technologies on their own terms and at their own pace.

“I really hope people realize the strategic importance of Uniform, both in terms of unblocking some currently perceived barriers to the adoption of MACH technology, but also in terms of moving towards reengineering, reintegration and code refactoring, “said Matt webb, Group Head of Digital at LAB Group and Ambassador of MACH Alliance. “Since Uniform is vendor independent, the product exemplifies the essence of composability and MACH architectures.

“Uniform is the first digital experience platform designed from the ground up to be composable. Legacy DXPs are built from an application, then other applications and features are added on top of it; it changes the architectural game ”, declared Alex shyba, CTO and co-founder of Uniform. “Uniform is a layer below the technologies used by a brand. This simplifies switching applications because in a composable system you can add / remove / replace components without touching the rest of the stack. In designing this, we realized that we can orchestrate across the systems in the stack, even if those systems are from multiple vendors. “

About the uniform

Uniform is the world’s first vendor-independent composable DXP, designed for today’s performance and scalability requirements. A composable and pre-integrated frictionless digital experience platform gives businesses the choice to continuously embrace the best traditional and headless technologies without reconfiguration. to evolve over time. Several major brands use Uniform to power their digital experiences, including Cirque du Soleil, Life Extension, Sunweb and Trimble.

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