Twitter revises development platform with API v2 upgrades, extended access

Twitter has rolled out major updates to its development platform in an effort to promote innovation, especially when solutions are designed for the “greater good.”

On November 15, the microblogging platform says updates, some of the most significant changes for the company to date relate to improvements to the Twitter API, v2, and opening up access to more developers than before.

Twitter API v2, first introduced last year, is now the primary Twitter API. API version 1.1 is still available; However, Twitter is phasing out this and will only provide security updates necessary for “critical” vulnerabilities in order to maintain the API. The Premium and Enterprise APIs v1.1 will also gradually move to the new version of the system.

According to the company, it’s now easier for potential Twitter developers to secure an account and join the community. Two new levels of free access have also been introduced: essential access and high access.

The Essential level allows developers to access the Twitter API v2 once they have signed up, as well as an application environment and the ability to retrieve up to 500,000 tweets per month.

Twitter says this basic level “should meet the majority of developer needs, especially at the start.”

The high access tier includes three app environments – development, staging, and production – and is also free, although developers will need to request it unless they are already using the core API v2. This option allows you to retrieve up to two million tweets per month.

Innovation is presented as the reason for changes in the entry level levels. Twitter says the company wants to see new solutions that “impact the common good,” as well as those that promote safe and healthy conversation; software that improves community experiences, improves expression, increases recommended content, and provides analysis of user activity.

The language used in Twitter’s developer terms of service has also been revised to allow more freedom in how the platform’s core services can be used.

“We’re on the cusp of creating an open-to-the-public development platform, and we’re excited to release more useful endpoints, expand the canvas that developers can rely on on Twitter, and create opportunities for developers to monetize their innovation in the future, ”Twitter said. “We want to continue to create value for the developer ecosystem and make it easier for you to create, innovate and impact public conversation. ”

Last week, Twitter unveiled a new subscription platform extension called “Twitter Blue”. For $ 2.99 per month, the feature includes a tweet cancellation tool that allows users to preview messages for 60 seconds before they are posted.

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