Tresata launches digital business platform to tackle the

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, July 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tresata announces the commercial launch of its Digital Business Platform (DBP)a one-of-a-kind software system that radically simplifies every company’s ability to use their data.

DBP was designed to solve one of the toughest challenges facing businesses: delivering actionable data that can effectively power digital transformations. This represents one of the greatest opportunities in software, addressing a $200 billion market companies struggling to use all their data. With 68% of available enterprise data goes unused today, DBP represents an exponential growth opportunity by harnessing the exabytes of data in the cloud and putting it to work.

“Tresata presents a paradigm shift in how enterprises realize, monitor and manage usable data assets. What used to take enormous amounts of time and resources, in addition to the heavy manual work of data teams, can now be automated as quickly as a business demands. By connecting data assets within an enterprise, DBP provides users with everything there is to know about their customers, processes and products. The result is the ability to uniquely support and manage each of them adding a lot of value in a differentiated and personalized way,” said Mike Leone, principal analyst, data platforms, analytics and AI, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

As the first data usability system designed exclusively for data clouds, DBP comes with prebuilt integrations to internal data warehouses, data mesh architectures, external data sources, and transactional and analytical systems. The platform leverages advanced semantic data integration to make data collected in enterprise systems instantly usable and relatable, freeing data from its boundaries to deliver immediate business value. DBP has been shown to dramatically increase speed to market and amplify business value through the digital transformation initiatives a business needs to implement today.

Having worked with many of the world’s largest companies across multiple industries over the past decade, Tresata believes that making data usable and available is key to every organization’s digital transformation. DBP enables every business to create actionable data immediately and automatically, benefiting all employees, systems, applications and processes.

“DBP puts the same data intelligence capabilities at the heart of the success of digital frontrunners like Google and Tesla into the hands of every organization, enabling them to become data-driven organizations as well,” said Abhishek Mehta, CEO of Tresata, “Having usable data to power every decision, product and process will be essential for businesses of all shapes and sizes to not only free their data, but also to provide their employees with the freedom they so desperately need to succeed.

Tresata automates data analysis at absolute scale. Its digital business platform is used by Fortune 500 companies to leverage data as an asset and create products and services that enrich Life® for all of their customers.

Edward Lin
Merritt Group
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