Todd McFarlane and Steve Aoki Launch Creator-Owned NFT Platform, the non-fungible token platform of comic book icon Todd McFarlane and Grammy-nominated DJ Steve Aoki, is about to launch. On Monday, it was announced that the platform would officially launch that day at 6:00 PM PST. To celebrate the launch of, McFarlane and Aoki have already given away a series of massive “Spawnoki” NFTs, which holders can now put up for sale on The platform not only aims to provide NFT art and music from its co-founders, but will soon allow other artists and creators to sell their own NFTs.

“Creating this new NFT platform has been an exciting partnership and journey.” McFarlane said in a statement. “We are thrilled to finally be able to open the doors for fans and collectors to come for the launch of the official platform and reveal the first ever McFarlane NFTs for sale.”

Following this initial launch, on Wednesday, May 18 at 11am PST, will launch a new NFT collection created and developed by McFarlane, based on his cover for the record Spawn #301. This will be the first time McFarlane has offered digital art for sale, and the first time he has sold original hand-drawn Spawn art in three decades. The NFTs will have a limited run of 500 pieces, 50 of which include digitally embedded individual handwritten signatures, and three of them containing a small sketch of McFarlane.


“Todd has been a dear friend for a few years and he’s a GOAT of what he does. So we’ve always talked about doing collabs,” Aoki previously said. when was first announced. “We’ve always talked about how to merge our two different worlds together. We have a great synergy together just on a human level. So we kind of pieced that together, making sure that’s exactly what we want for actually, like, I don’t know, like six months or something, like we took our time.”

“Steve and I wanted to help build a place where creators have complete control over their work while retaining the vast majority of finances,” McFarlane added. “That same role model created Image Comics, which I helped co-found in 1992, the third largest publisher in North America (behind Marvel and DC Comics). Steve and I want to give that same freedom to creators in the NFT space… and let them know it’s a place formed by two top performers instead of people in suits.”

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