TikTok shares new information on effective promotional approaches in the app [Infographic]

TikTok has introduced a new paradigm in social media engagement, where users can not only view the latest trending content, but are also invited to contribute, with the short nature of TikTok clips opening up more opportunities for creativity, connection and engagement.

Brands looking to tap into the platform need to understand this – TikTok isn’t just about passive consumption, it’s also about active participation, which is why normal, intrusive advertising approaches don’t work, because they don’t invite viewers in the experience.

That variance is at the center of this new infographic from TikTok, which provides a range of stats relating to how users interact with content in the app and how brands can leverage partnerships with creators to maximize their specials.

According ICT Tac:

“TikTok audiences prefer brands that show they understand how to create and use the platform – they want brands to meet them where they are on TikTok. And how exactly should brands meet audiences where they are? Creators.

To optimize your promotional performance, TikTok recommends an “Always engaged” strategy, which uses organic and paid content, while leveraging creators to help brands achieve their business goals.

The following statistics strengthen this strategic approach.