The purest platform jumping awaits you in From Heaven to Earth

Imagine being one of the chosen few to ascend to heaven, only to find it’s not what you wanted it to be? What would you do then? You’ve come this far, you’ve probably held on. Must be better than going back to Earth, right? Law? Meet someone trying to return to the land of the living today in From Heaven to Earth on Xbox and PC.

From Heaven to Earth is a first-person platformer in the purest sense of the word. Jump from platform to platform on your descent to Earth.

If it’s anything like the predecessor though – Air Bounce – The Jump ‘n’ Run Challenge – then things will get complicated. Precision jumps will be needed at almost every ledge. You will also need a lot of patience as you will have to retry many levels.

Feel free to stray from the main path and find collectibles, alternate paths, and hidden secrets. In this almost philosophical story, you may find the exact reasons why heaven is worthless.

Ready to download now, From Heaven to Earth is now available on the Xbox Store for £5.79. We will soon have an opinion. Let’s just hope it’s better than Air Bounce – The Jump ‘n’ Run Challenge.

Description of the game

In this game, you follow an eternal being who got bored in heaven and tries to return to the world of the living. The being is in search of adventure and even risks eternal life to feel again the effects of time and the transience of life. To return to earth, he must pass through the Path of Trials…a path filled with traps, tricky jumps, and hidden secrets. The game is a unique combination of a first-person platformer and a light-hearted exploration game with an almost philosophical storytelling. It is highly stylized and amazes with breathtaking environments, a surreal world full of beauty and grace, and some small environmental puzzles that seamlessly blend into the peaceful yet stunning surroundings. Will you be able to come back to earth? Find it.