The future of food! This is what Indian consumers want

Food consumption has certainly entered a new era, in which people are better informed about what to use and what not to use. As consumers become more and more aware, food manufacturers have no choice but to reconsider their strategies. The Deloitte-CII report identified six major trends that would determine the future of food consumption in India: Conscious Eating, Conscious Wellness, Conscious Sourcing, Conscious Preferences, Conscious Shopping, and Conscious Convenience.

According to Anand Ramanathan, Partner, Deloitte India, “India is on the cusp of a new food revolution. Sophisticated, health-conscious consumers prefer to have something on their plate that has a smaller environmental footprint. In addition, they have also become more aware than ever of the ecosystem, apart from their own health. A food tradition focused on sustainable alternatives is paving the way for the future of food in India. “

In terms of food expenditure by 2025, meat and poultry are expected to account for 30.7%, bread, rice and cereals 23.8% and fruits 16% of total food expenditure. Cereals, which accounted for 63% of daily caloric consumption in 1961, fell to 55% in 2017. Consumers are increasing their consumption of protein (from 55.3 g in 2000-02 to 63 g in 2015-17), fruits and vegetables and superfoods such as green tea and olive oil.