Sustain Dane Announces Live Forward Awards; Summit set for November 18

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The intentions you put in place today can help change the world of tomorrow, ”says Elena Terry, Live Forward Award winner and Founder / Executive Chef of the nonprofit Wild Bearies, which focuses on education through indigenous food.

The local nonprofit Sustain Dane will be holding its 13th Sustain Dane Summit and Live Forward Awards (LFA) on November 18, 2021. The hybrid program will take place both at the Monona Terrace Convention Center and virtually. The celebration of the Live Forward Awards will include a panel discussion with the four winners.

Nominated and selected by community members, the 19 nominees and 4 award winners are a group of change leaders who promote local sustainability and community well-being. Their work has an impact on holistic sustainability: environmental health, a just economy, equity and social well-being.

The four winners are people of color:

  • Elena Terry, Founder / CEO of Wild Bearies
  • Tara Wilhelmi, Founder and Senior Peer Specialist Each One Teach One (EOTO)
  • Oscar Mireles, principal of the Omega school
  • Kristie Goforth, Executive Director of Free Bikes 4 Kidz Madison

Check out the full list of inspiring nominees.

Elena Terry, Founder / CEO of Wild Bearies

Helene terry

Terry reconnects Native American communities to traditional farming techniques and ancestral eating habits in the hope of healing generations of injustices.

“Our work is slow work, motivated by intention and mindfulness, care and kindness. Seed rescuers, growers, foragers, hunters, growers or chefs. We all have a role that we connect to in the food system because one thing is universal, we are all consumers [of food]. “Terry notes.

She offers a mentoring program and promotes indigenous menu items with locally picked ingredients in restaurants. Terry is also working with the Indigenous Seed Keeper Networks and Dream of Wild Health Farms to preserve the future crop of the Ho-Chunk Corn, Bean and Squash varieties.

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