Sounding Board to highlight the challenges of L&D and


FOSTER CITY, Calif., July 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –


Although the world is starting to emerge from the pandemic, the experience of the past year and a half is not yet over. With social distancing policies and work-from-home initiatives set to continue for some time, the ripple effects of the general upheaval have created a series of learning and development challenges. Many organizations are moving to a hybrid workforce, requiring new leadership skills and, with it, a new approach to training and development.

During this CLO webinar, Kip Kelly, Director of Sounding Board, Inc., will join Company Co-Founder and President Lori Mazan and Executive Coaches and Talent Development Consultants Kathleen Kirkish and Maryanne Spatola to discuss the challenges. training and development encountered and opportunities to adapt, innovate and improve. Panelists will explore creating a culture of lifelong learning, supporting learning in the workflow, stakeholder buy-in, scaling up training and development programs across the organization and measurement of business impact. Session participants will gain actionable insight to help identify leadership skills gaps in the hybrid workforce, driving learner engagement and assessing the relevance of existing program and delivery strategies. .

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