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The ‘Get the Jump’ Skills for Life campaign brings together, for the first time, all education and training choices for young people in one place.

For anyone, taking a new step in life can seem daunting. But for a 14 to 19 year old, making a decision today that could affect the rest of their life can be overwhelming and daunting.

With too much or too little information about their choices, young people can find it difficult to move forward with confidence, either taking a “safe” route, or settling for a path they might not have. followed if they had known the full range of paths open to them.

This campaign brings together information about all the choices available to young people after 16 and after 18 to help them make an informed decision about their next step and choose the path that is right for them.

Our goal is for every young person to understand their education and training choices and to help them get the best possible start in their professional life.

The campaign covers all education and training options, but will specifically focus on technical education routes, which have lower awareness levels:

  • T-levels
  • Internships
  • Learnings
  • Superior Technical Qualifications

A “Get the Jump” Skills for Life content hub has been created on the National Career Service website ( which contains clear and useful information on all post-16 and post-18 choices.

To be involved

Support us to raise awareness of the “Get the Jump” Skills for Life campaign and the new content hub on the National Careers Service websiteto help young people take the next step on a path that works for them.

Please use and share the resources provided, so that young people can be better informed of the choices available to them.


If you have any questions about the campaign or would like to speak to one of the communications team members, please contact [email protected]

Case studies

Real stories about young people are the cornerstone of the campaign. We know from our extensive research that young people love to hear other young people, with whom they can relate, talk about their own experiences. They also need to gain a better understanding of what it is like to study a T-level, be an apprentice or work in a particular job or industry to help them find the right path for them.

The campaign aims to help young people find their place in the various education and training paths, to motivate them to take the next step and to reassure them. Authenticity is key. This is why real-life, peer-to-peer stories are so valuable and important.

If you teach or know a young person who is or has been on one of our campaign’s education or training pathways and they are happy to be featured in a case study, please contact the campaign team: getthejump . [email protected]

Please do not initially share any personally identifying data, such as full names, but you may share their initials or first name only. All data will be handled in accordance with data protection guidelines.

We are extremely grateful for all the case studies shared with us.