See Joey King Rock A Neon Miniskirt in Platform Shoes

By Nathan Kamal | Posted

Joey King is one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars and for good reason. For one thing, she’s been doing it for a while; she got her first movie with an uncredited role as Adam Sandler’s daughter in the 2007 drama rule over meand she was work hard from. On the other hand, she has a consistently gorgeous style and look. Joey King recently posted a photo of herself on her very active Instagram account, and you just have to see it to believe it. Check it out:

This particular set of photos of Joey King is courtesy of an Allure magazine cover story, and there’s absolutely no doubt why she’s there. The first photo in the set is an extreme close-up of Joey King’s face, focused on his blue-green eyes; she is heavily made up in a 1970s-inspired look, with thick layers of teal and sky blue makeup on top of ridiculously thick artificial eyelashes. The whole picture has an ethereal tone, accentuated by Joey King’s dreamy expression and distant gaze.

The second photo from Joey King’s set is a full body photo of the actress wearing an amazing outfit. Starting from the ground, she wears platform boots in psychedelic colors, with beaded straps that reach her knees. She wears a very short neon teal mini-skirt, tight around her waist with a mustard yellow belt. Above that, Joey King wears a pale blue knit zip-up sweater that should theoretically be very modest but is too tight to really qualify as anything but stunning. Her outfit is accentuated by her playful pose, raising a booted foot and teasing her auburn hair (credited to hairstylist Kevin Ryan) with one hand.

Joey King’s third photo in the set is another close-up. This time, she has a focused gaze towards the camera, her hair falling to her shoulders. Her lips are made up in a pale pink, while her eyes are dramatically framed by thick dark lines, credited to makeup artist Benjamin Puckey. Although this photo is too close to see her full outfit, other videos from the photoshoot indicate that she’s wearing a black vinyl raincoat with flip-flops over a blue top.

The third and sadly final image in the set shows Joey King in another dramatic pose, tossing her auburn hair wildly at herself with a serene gaze into the distance. She wears a go-go lavender knit dress that tries to cover her legs and has sleeves that cover her hands but not her pale shoulders.

All in all, a pretty amazing set of Joey King photos. She recently starred in the Hulu fantasy action movie Princess and did a press tour for the upcoming action-comedy film High-speed train. In High-speed trainshe plays a British assassin dressed as a schoolgirl trying to kill Brad Pitt while killers played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Bad Bunny and Zazie Beetz try to do the same.