SaaS Alerts Add Monitoring Capability to IT Glue Platform


SaaS Alerts, the Wilmington, NC-based cybersecurity company designed for MSPs to protect and monetize their customers’ SaaS applications, has released a capability in the IT Glue MSP documentation platform to monitor the user behavior.

The IT Documentation Platform helps IT service providers run their business more efficiently. With the integration of SaaS alerts, IT Glue automatically alerts MSPs when unusual behavior occurs.

“When you think about what they put in IT Glue, it’s the network map for every customer,” Jim Lippie, CEO of SaaS Alerts, told CRN. “It’s the configuration of assets for every computer they use, every server, its runbooks, and the client passwords of their client environments. If someone were to get their hands on this information that wasn’t supposed to, that would be a very, very bad thing for an MSP.

One of the things SaaS alerts want to be able to do is help IT Glue monitor who is doing what in that application.

“We want to be able to alert if an employee is exporting a large amount of data from an application in a short period of time,” he said.

With the ability for SaaS alerts on the IT Glue app, MSPs can now reach out to their customers and assure them that they are taking security seriously with a third-party monitoring tool that examines all user behaviors in popular apps.

“One of the big topics right now is supply chain attacks,” Lippie said. “Most PSMs currently receive questions from their end customers: ‘How can you protect me? But also, how do you protect yourself? MSPs themselves are in fact more important targets than their customers. So every sophisticated end-user company now wants to know how the MSP secures better. ”

Today 10,000 MSPs use IT Glue, Lippie said.

“Security is one of our top priorities and we are excited about our integration with SaaS alerts, which adds significant third-party monitoring of IT Glue and inherently makes the use of our platform more secure for everyone. of the MSP community, ”said Nadir Merchant. , CEO of IT Glue, in a statement.

SaaS Alerts chose to monitor third-party MSP tools after several MSPs requested the capacity due to their own concerns about the lack of visibility into applications.

“We were among the first to adopt SaaS alerts when it launched earlier this year and were impressed with the speed at which they incorporated new features and are excited to add IT Glue as a only monitored application. We believe this fixes an issue that has caused sleepless nights for me and other MSPs, ”said an MSP partner, who wished not to be named, in a statement.

SaaS alerts have also grown “exponentially”. After its launch in January 2021, the company had 10 MSP partners and less than 1,000 users. Today, it has 242 MSPs and more than 80,000 users, according to Lippie.

“And we don’t stop at IT Glue,” he said. “There are other tools in the RMM space and the PSA space that we will also support. This is the level of activity that PSMs want to be able to monitor.

He said many MSPs ask him where to start with their security stack.

“I always tell them, ‘Start with what they use the most and work backwards from there’,”

he said.

“I wake up every day very excited to help MSPs catch the bad guys,” he added.

“The more value they can demonstrate to their customers, the more revenue and growth our partners earn. “