Roanoke president named Senior Aspen Index Impact Fellow

“On a few occasions, the need for a generation of young, values-driven, community-driven leaders has been more evident,” John Dugan, the founder of Aspen Index, said in a press release. “We can no longer take leadership development for granted. We must offer young people the opportunity to cultivate their talent for solving growing political, social and scientific problems – not in the distant future, but today.

Leadership development has been a lifelong passion for Shushok. Before being named 12 of Roanoke Collegee president, Shushok served as vice president of student affairs at Virginia Tech and a tenured professor of agricultural leadership and community education.

The Aspen Institute Leadership Development Index (Aspen Index) will guide the work of fellows. According to the institute, the index is “a future digital tool measuring key leadership capabilities to accelerate personal and professional growth…The Aspen Index is a vehicle for self-assessment, 360° feedback, Mapping Team Assets and Assessing Program Impact Drawing on more than 20 years of academic research, it equips individuals, teams, and programs to define, measure, and elevate their potential.

Impact Fellows will assist in the development, optimization, and beta testing of the Aspen Index, and co-create a supporting learning architecture to ensure its success. Together, the Aspen Institute works with Impact Scholars to create a movement of access and quality youth leadership programs.