Rise of the Ronin must separate from Ghost of Tsushima 2

Although there is no official confirmation of a 2020 sequel yet. Ghost of Tsushima, the resounding success of the first game warrants a sequel that Sucker Punch shouldn’t pass up. The game was the swansong of the PlayStation 4, showcasing a stunning open world littered with fleeting sights, a gorgeous art style, and flashes of authentic Japanese culture. Jin Sakai’s desperate defense of his home against the Mongol invasion was such a well-told story and was further proof that Sony’s proprietary studios have the ability to create memorable experiences that are on par with other titans of the industry.


Taking advantage of the Japanese feudal period, Ghost of Tsushima was able to offer players a satisfying layer of escapism alongside engaging combat mechanics and endless exploration potential. Japan’s culture has relied heavily on a myriad of other developers lately, and while Sucker Punch’s most recent effort is the most revered by fans, that doesn’t mean the others aren’t. not great quality either. The recently announced Rise of the Ronin is something that felt instantly familiar, and its 2024 release date might put it in the crosshairs of Ghost of Tsushimathe (hopeful) sequel, which is a dangerous place.

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Rise of Ronin Potential

Unveiled at State of Play in September, Rise of the Ronin is the latest release from Team Ninja, the studio behind Dead or alive and nioh, among others. The company has a history with samurai-centric titles, and its new project will look to leverage its history to make the PS5 exclusive a success. Little is known about the project outside of the trailer that was shown, but with an 1863 Bakumatsu setting and an open world for players to explore, it should sit alongside other franchises that find also a narrative potential in the story.

Contrary to Ghost of Tsushima which tells a rather rigid story with many side quests, Rise of the Ronin will allow a degree of choice, which means players can shape the story according to their own preferences and beliefs. Like the first, however, it will focus on a character who is beholden to no one and free to forge his own path. It’s a time of civil war, showcasing the end of the Edo period by nearly 300 years, meaning there’s more conflict in the setting than ever before. It takes place centuries after the events of Ghost of Tsushimabut will undoubtedly share atmospheric and cultural similarities that could be to its detriment as much as to its advantage.

The scope of Ghost of Tsushima

In 2020, Sucker Punch once again demonstrated its ability to create meaningful, content-rich experiences, but on a whole new level. Infamous was a delightful superhero story in a time when comic book-inspired games weren’t everywhere in the industry, and its sequel improved on the first in many ways. Infamous second son was a step forward in presentation and mechanics, but Ghost of Tsushima was a substantial leap in quality. A potential sequel to Jin Sakai’s story would be the natural next step for the company.

Contrary to Ghost of Tsushima which is already established and has a wide following of fans, Rise of the Ronin is at square one and must rely on the quality of its promotional material to stand out. The problem is that there are many similar games that span a handful of genres. From the next and still untitled Assassin’s Creed Red on a smaller scale Hike to Yomisamurai protagonists and Japanese settings are nothing new. Rise of the RoninThe recent trailer for immediately drew comparisons to other games, so much so that it might get lost in the pack.

Team Ninja is no newcomer to making great games, and if there was one developer to snatch the Samurai crown from Sucker Punch’s head, it would be the Tokyo-based outfit. Nioh 3 may be a chimera, but if Rise of the Ronin can deliver on its promises, it could very well be for the best. Ghost of Tsushima is a massive IP to contend with, however, and if its successor comes out in the same calendar year as Team Ninja’s next game, the competition will be incredibly fierce.

Ghost of Tsushima is available on PS4 and PS5.

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