Regional Girafarig, Gym Leader Designs, and More Pokemon Potentially Revealed in New Scarlet and Violet Leaks

If you are involved in almost any Pokemon-linked media circles online, you’ll likely see new mockups, designs, and “leaks” for the newest games popping up every day. But it’s rare to see these allegedly leaked images and screenshots appear in a style presumably close to what’s already been shown in previous trailers.

In the case of the most recent Scarlet and Purple leaks are doing the rounds, multiple images of what appear to be the gym leaders in the game, another NPC, and several new Pokemon have appeared.

Most of this leak involved what appears to be a new regional form of Girafarig, which shows the previously psychic/normal type changing drastically in coloring and design, with its sentient tail moving to engulf a much larger neck. long. The colorings likely suggest it’s an Electric-type, but we won’t know until this new form is officially confirmed.

The other three Pokemon featured in these leaks only appear in images that are very difficult to do anything about, although the community is already doing their best to piece things together based on the limited information provided.

As for the leaders of the gymnasium, all images are equally blurry and only six characters are shown despite the leaker saying they are all in the original post, although others appeared. There is also another design billed as “your rival”, meaning players can once again have multiple rivals, which has become commonplace in later iterations.

The designs looks like they could go with S.V. current art style and have enough distinct personalities to match Game Freak’s track record with prominent NPCs, but again, we probably won’t know until the characters are revealed in future promotional materials or game releases .

Another big leak also made the rounds, with another source claiming that Wooper will receive a new regional variant in S.V., as well as an entirely different evolution distinct from Quagsire. It is rumored that Wooper will become a Poison-type, but no further details are available.

All of this information is pure speculation at this time, and with the frequency of fake leaks in the Pokemon community, it’s best to assume nothing is true until Game Freak, The Pokémon Company, or nintendo officially present the content themselves. But messing around with rumors and featured content is fair game.