Quasar platform improves rail capacity

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William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

Quasar Platform, an end-to-end supply chain visibility platform developed by Calgary, Alberta Cando Rail & Terminals, added new functionality to its shipment management application that “dramatically improves the ability of industrial shippers to track and manage their railcar shipments.”

Quasar’s shipment management software now combines GPS data with rail waybill, railcar location message, and event status updates, bringing together data from the shipper, incoming customer car and class I. The company has a partnership with Railinc it says “allows it to bring in data that in other systems is missing or incomplete.” Using GPS and geospatial car location messages, Shipment Management tracks cars at origin, transit and destination. This means that customers no longer need to go to different websites, customers, ports or transshipment facilities to track rail cars. And real-time data updates and indexing mean customers always have the most recent data record, regardless of the source.

GPS sensors connected to mesh sensors provide real-time information on the condition of the rail cars. Work with hardware partners, Quasar platform provides telematics monitoring solutions for rail cars, including sensors that monitor impacts, temperature, digital inputs, handbrake position and hatch status. As a sensor independent platform, Quasar Platform uses different sensors for different visibility needs.

Using Arc GIS as a basis, the Quasar platform offers geographic fencing, described as “a virtual geographic bucket with ‘trigger wires” that allow customers to determine exactly when a railcar has arrived and left a location. These geographic barriers automatically track downtime, enabling automated and advanced reporting of downtime across the network. “

“With these new features, Quasar Shipment Management goes beyond the basic tools for tracking and monitoring the health of ‘where is my wagon,’ said Corrie Banks, Managing Director of Quasar Platform. “The basis of Quasar Platform is to get as much data as possible. We call it our “dataverse”. We already collect a lot of data for our customers and have now extended and combined our data sources even further. We provide over 70 data connections including job site, sender, class I, AEI reader, email and PDF data. And we provide information on all of this data in one place. We have combined GPS geospatial data with industry data and industry data with geospatial data. This single view of railcar shipment data ensures that all the information our customers need to manage their assets is in one place.

The Quasar platform is 100% cloud, “ensuring that data is accessible from any browser on any device”.

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