Proposed new municipal platform includes criminal justice and COVID-19 targets

At its next meeting, the Santa Clarita City Council Legislative Committee is expected to discuss and vote on the adoption of the Santa Clarita 2022 Legislative Platform which, among other things, adds language regarding recent criminal justice reform and public health mandates.

Each year, the city council’s legislative committee discusses and votes on an executive and legislative platform that outlines policy statements regarding legislative and regulatory matters that concern the city, which are then sent to Congress and the Legislature of the City. State.

Among a number of their traditional political positions, such as supporting legislation that helps the city prepare for disasters, transport and water resources, the 2022 platform also includes two new provisions.

“The revisions proposed in the draft executive and legislative platform of Santa Clarita 2022 include the addition of opposition to administrative or legislative actions to overturn the discretionary power of the judiciary in the examination and conviction of crimes and offenses. crimes and support for public health orders to be based on local data and data ”reads the item on the committee’s agenda.

The only position that was removed entirely from the latest draft plan – but has been around for years – is the one that declares the city’s support for financial aid for the construction of a new Santa Clarita Valley sheriff’s post. .

On Thursday, the new station on Golden Valley Road officially opened after 50 years at the previous location of the Magic Mountain Parkway station.

Small wording changes were also made at a handful of other positions, ranging from telecommunications to broadband to roaming issues.

Open to members of the public, the special meeting of the City Council Legislative Committee will begin Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. at City Hall in the Orchard Room on the first floor. The committee currently includes city council members Cameron Smyth and Jason Gibbs.

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