Play day for cheerleaders and marching band – The Observer

Game day is a campus-wide event enjoyed by students, alumni, and faculty, but a lot of work goes into making it a successful production beyond the competing athletes. The CWU Marching Band and Marching Band play an important role in match day production and have a unique perspective to offer.

Second-year cheerleader Gracie Glover said her favorite part of the game was the roar of the student section.

“My favorite part of game day is interacting with the crowd and watching everyone get excited about the game,” said Glover. “I have the impression that the better the student section, the more excited we are and the better the team is. “

A lot of work goes into preparing for the CWU’s cheerleading match day performance. Glover said that training is many hours of work ahead of the performances we see in games.

“We run and practice our cheers and stunts a lot,” Glover said.

Another key element in making the days of play go the way they do is the marching band. Junior snare player Nathan Sauther said game days are a time when they can show off what they’ve been working on.

“The games are always a lot of fun,” Sauther said. “We worked a lot to put on the show, so game day is a fun day where we can relax and show off what we’ve put together.”

Not all halftime shows are exactly the same, Sauther says, and we should expect some new material on the way.

“What’s cool is that we don’t do the same shows,” Sauther said. “We’re going to learn a new show at halftime for the next game, and another for the next one. It will be something new that is something to look forward to. It will undoubtedly be good because our director really knows what he is doing. ”

All of this new material takes many hours of practice and rehearsal to hone in on and prepare for what is seen on the pitch on match day.

CWU Cheer will perform at halftime for the next home game on October 23. This year, CWU Cheer will be present at football games as well as men’s and women’s basketball games.

There are many collaborative efforts to make play days the experience it is. All of the hard work of the CWU’s cheers and fanfare will be showcased in upcoming home games, so get out there and show your support.