touts customer experience improvements at five agencies

A post on highlights actions by five agencies to improve customer service at five agencies, including a VA mobile app that has been used by more than 900,000 veterans.

This app helps veterans “locate VA facilities, view or cancel their appointments, send secure messages to their health care providers, view the status of their claims and appeals, view payments, and access services The app allows veterans to login using or, depending on their preference for a government or private option, as well as their phone’s built-in security features , such as printing and facial recognition,” he says.

“Moving forward, VA is working to expand the capabilities of its mobile app to include services such as medication refill, appointment scheduling, and debt management,” it says. he.

The post also highlighted:

* A partnership between the SSA and a state government entity making it easier for newlyweds wishing to change their name to apply for an updated Social Security card. This is currently only available in five states, but the SSA hopes to expand it “based on available state data and other resources.”

* A pilot project at the TSA to reduce passenger waits for DHS Trusted Travelers that compares a live image taken to photos the passenger has previously provided to the federal government, such as for a passport or visa to identification purposes.

* Agriculture’s launch of an online tool providing an interactive, plain-language guide that explains each step of the agricultural loan application process, with plans to provide the ability to make loan payments online by end of 2023.

* A redesign of the home page and key landing pages by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which increased measured customer satisfaction from 56% to 72% and resulted in an increase in authenticated uses by recurring users.