GAA does not provide energy saving effects in broilers

Under experimental conditions, guanidino acetic acid (GAA) has been shown to provide no energy saving value in the feed. This article will deepen the study and the surprising results. What do we know about guanidino acetic acid (GAA) and its impact on energy metabolism? GAA is synthesized in the kidney using glycine and arginine. Then, […]

Taipei City Government Goes Paperless and Environmentally Friendly with Electronic Receipt Platform Powered by TPIsoftware

TAIPEI, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – With growing environmental awareness, a sustainable paperless society has been promoted in Taiwan in recent years. As a pioneer, the Taipei City Government has partnered with TPIsoftware to create the “Taipei City Government Electronic Receipt Cloud Platform” ( in its branches. Now, for utilities provided by Taipei […]

Customer experience matters more than ever as new report finds nearly half of consumers say it shapes their opinion of the brand

Execs In The Know survey highlights the importance of investing in CX solutions; research shows that a multi-channel approach is essential to meet consumers’ supportive preferences CHICAGO, October 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Global solutions Hinduja (HGS), a global leader in business process management (BPM) and digital user experience solutions, shares its expertise as […]

How to effectively deliver marketplace content to millennials

Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs. You are reading Entrepreneur United States, an international Entrepreneur Media franchise. Marketing your offerings to millennials can certainly be a challenge. Marketers around the world no longer have the luxury of creating simple, straightforward, straightforward content that caters to large audiences. In 2021, content marketing occupies a […]

Retail worker being abused for things he cannot control

Bennet Heyn is a student, entrepreneur and retail employee. Heyn has seen a slight increase in the number of angry customers this year. Heyn said some customers cursed and screamed, while others got angry at store policies that employees couldn’t change. This is Heyn’s story, told to freelance writer Jamie Killin. Loading Something is loading. […]

Uniform Launches World’s First Composable Digital Experience Platform

Marketers and merchandisers can use codeless tools to create personalized omnichannel digital experiences that blend content from multiple sources, including content management and commerce systems, without having to depend on developers to create Custom integrations, enabling the fastest delivery across all channels. Built-in high-performance testing and customization makes it easy for business users to optimize […]

ITC Event: From Competition to Collaboration in Sustainability Standards | News | SDG Knowledge Center

We need more collaboration to achieve sustainability goals in global supply chains. This was one of the key messages speakers emphasized in a hybrid session on the role and evolution of voluntary sustainability standards (NSVs) as tools to build a greener global trading system and more sustainable. The event was hosted by the International Trade […]

Sustain Dane Announces Live Forward Awards; Summit set for November 18

Special promotional content provided by Sustain Dane. “The intentions you put in place today can help change the world of tomorrow, ”says Elena Terry, Live Forward Award winner and Founder / Executive Chef of the nonprofit Wild Bearies, which focuses on education through indigenous food. The local nonprofit Sustain Dane will be holding its 13th […]