Nope Dolby Poster Teases Peele’s Paranormal Movie in a Unique Way

A new poster for Jordan Peele’s Nope appears to mimic the costume of one of the trailer’s more mysterious characters, as it promotes Dolby ticket sales.

Dolby’s poster for Nope builds the hype for Jordan Peele’s new paranormal horror film in a unique way. Nope is the third feature film directed by horror talent Peele, whose previous work includes the critically acclaimed film get out and We. According to the most recent Nope trailer, the film’s plot centers on the residents of a California town who, after experiencing what appears to be a series of paranormal encounters, attempt to prove the existence of UFOs in their area. movie stars get out star Daniel Kaluuya, as well as Keke Palmer, Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea and Steven Yeun.

Now a brand new Nope tease was released, as Dolby shares a unique poster for the film. The poster is red, dazzled, and includes an image of what appears to be a horse being lifted into a silver UFO, reminiscent of the one seen in the early footage from the film. Besides the horse, the sequined red poster appears to replicate the jacket worn by Yeun’s character in the trailers, putting an interesting spin on the film’s promotional content.


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Tickets for Nope are currently on sale for Dolby Cinema sessions, so this poster is an interesting and eye-catching new form of promotional material for sales. While the poster is radically different from the past Nope posters, including character images among others, he puts a different spin on the still-vague paranormal events of Peele’s new film. As with previous images, the poster doesn’t reveal much in terms of plot details, but instead builds suspense around the nature of the film’s heretofore unconfirmed alien forces. All will finally be revealed when Nope hits theaters in July.

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