New Maintenance For PTCGO Prepared Platform For Pokémon TCG Live Launch

The Pokémon Company has officially set the Pokémon TCG Online platform in a maintenance period that will help upgrade the system infrastructure for the upcoming launch of Pokémon TCG Live.

TCG live will replace PTCGO as the primary customer for the digital version of the Pokémon TCG when it was officially launched, and the players who played on PTCGO will be able to migrate their accounts to the new platform.

When TCG live launches, players who migrate their accounts to the new platform will be able to transfer the majority of their existing collection of TCGO—With some limitations which have already been detailed.

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This PTCO Maintenance works specifically on implementing platform infrastructure upgrades that will enable it to support the eventual account migration function. Developers noted that no changes to players were made during this period and only affected the backend.

TCG live was originally supposed to launch in open beta before the end of 2021 with limited testing in Canada before opening globally before full release. This beta was delayed in November and pushed back to 2022, although promotion of the new platform has already replaced PTCGO on newer products.

PTCGO will be closed before TCG Live official version, but more details will be shared by TPC when the time comes.