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SPOKANE, Wash., April 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Part of ASTROCONOMY™, Baby Apollo Coin is scheduled to have its presale on April 9, 2022, and the team will release its first set of staking pools with “APRs of launch week. Their staking pools are currently undergoing functionality testing and security and penetration testing. The team is ready to deliver their staking pools to the community within 24 hours of filling their presale cap.

ASTROCONOMY™: Tiered Rewards Ecosystem

On March 22, 2022, the Apollo Coin and Baby Apollo Coin team revealed ASTROCONOMY™ to their telegram community during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) live video. The Founders stated that ASTROCONOMY™ is a self-generated, tiered rewards ecosystem that includes Deflationary Tokens, BUSD Rewards, Apollo Coin Reflections, Staking Pools, Farming Pools and more. There are several ways to participate in ASTROCONOMY™, and we will look at a few of them.

Staking Pools

The Apollo Coin development team has stated that their staking pools will be live 24 hours after their highly anticipated presale ends. These staking pools will offer holders two additional ways to be rewarded, separate from the usual reflections. There will be two pools where holders can stake their Apollo Coin or Baby Apollo Coin.

Holders who stake their Apollo Coin or Baby Apollo Coin are rewarded with Baby Apollo Coin (BAPX). Liners will have a choice of five different lockout and APR options. At launch, significantly increased rewards will be available to holders for the first 10 days for Baby Apollo Coin’s “Launch Week Promotional APRs” as shown in Table 1 (APX) and Table 2 (BAPX).

Apollo Coin Staking Pool

NO LOCK 15% 150%
15 DAYS* 25% 175%
30 DAYS* 35% 200%
90 DAYS* 50% 250%
180 DAYS* 75% 300%

Table 1

*10% early exit fee

Baby Apollo Coin Staking Pool

NO LOCK ten% 100%
15 DAYS* 20% 125%
30 DAYS* 30% 150%
90 DAYS* 40% 200%
180 DAYS* 60% 250%

Table 2

*10% early exit fee

In addition to the generous APRs, holders will have the opportunity to stack their rewards by staking the newly earned tokens. Holders staking their BAPX will receive a BAPX. Holders will also receive 10% APX ​​reflections while holding. Now an APX holder, the BAPX holder can stake their APX and earn even more BAPX. The tiered reward nature of staking pools provides a great opportunity to earn more rewards more often.

A key thing to note is the 10% early exit fee. Opt-out fees only apply to locked staking periods that receive higher APRs for locking. Holders can choose the entry-level staking pool with no opt-out fees, or they can choose to receive higher rewards for committing to a longer holding period. If a holder enters the 15-day staking pool and decides to withdraw their tokens after 12 days, they will be penalized 10% for disengaging before the end of the lockout period.

Diamond Hands Society

Previously, via a live AMA on Twitter Spaces, the Apollo Coin and Baby Apollo Coin team announced the formation of their Diamond Hands Society. The Diamond Hands Society offers an increased incentive to buy more Apollo Coin (APX) tokens and hold them longer. Here’s an overview of how the discount works and the benefits that are available.

Levels and Rewards

Silver Level: APX Rebate Program


  • Buy 500 billion or more APX tokens in a single transaction
  • Hold for at least 31 days
  • Send proof of transaction


  • 12% discount granted after 31 days of detention
  • VIP access to the call channel (coming soon)

Gold Level:


  • Must complete level 1 to qualify for level 2
  • Must purchase an additional 500 billion APX tokens (1 trillion minimum purchases)
  • Deferred refund from level 1 to level 2 (deferred discount)
  • Must hold ALL tokens for an additional 31 days


  • 14% retroactive discount to Tier 1
  • VIP access to the Deluxe Staking Pool (coming soon)


  • Exclusive to VIP APX holders
  • APX Rebate Program High Rewards for Detention
  • VIP Call Channel Access (Silver Tier, coming soon)
  • Deluxe Staking Pool (Gold Tier, coming soon)

The developers also mentioned that there will be additional levels added to the Diamond Hands Society structure. These extra tiers will reward those willing to hold on for long periods of time and become true diamond hands.

The NFTs of the Stellar series in virtual reality

On April 2, 2022, the Apollo Coin team stealthily launched its first series of NFTs known as the Founder’s Collection. Imagined from planets and interstellar stars, the Founder’s Collections consist of 40 ultra-rare NFTs entirely handcrafted by the project’s CTO, J. Allen Quindlen. NFTs are all currently integrated into VR, the world’s first offering. Not only are NFTs currently available in VR, but they will also be integrated into their next game.

The next set of Stellar Series NFTs offered by the APX team will be available around the end of April 2022. The next set of NFTs is called Universe Collection and will consist of 2,960 randomly minted NFTs. These NFTs will continue the VR theme and will be available for integration into the team’s next game.

The future of ASTROECONOMY™

The future of ASTROCONOMY™ brings more utility and ways to be rewarded. The development team will provide additional opportunities to participate in ASTROCONOMY™, including NFT staking, reward programs, and luxury staking pools. The team also hinted at yield farming and farming pools where APX and BAPX holders will be able to earn another layer of rewards. The team has yet to release details of this program, but they said it will be announced soon.

Presale of Baby Apollo parts

The presale of Baby Apollo Coin will start on April 9, 2022 at 18:00 UTC. The presale will be open to whitelisted wallet addresses for 30 minutes, then open to the public if the cap hasn’t been reached. The hard cap is set at 400 BNB and the soft cap at 200 BNB. At first glance, the Baby Apollo Coin presale will sell out very quickly and may not even be open to the public. The team said that the Baby Apollo Coin token will officially launch on PancakeSwap two hours after the cap fills.

After the official launch of Baby Apollo Coin, holders of Baby Apollo Coin and Apollo Coin can expect multiple offers. Twenty-four hours after BAPX goes live, the team will present their previously mentioned staking pools. Not only will they deliver staking pools, but they will also increase APRs for 10 days during their launch week. If the increase in staking APRs wasn’t enough, Apollo Coin holders might also be excited about their BUSD rewards jumping from 9% to 10%!


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