New Cobra Kai Season 5 Photos Show The Return Of The Karate Kid 3 Villain

Cobra Kai will hit Netflix viewers with its fifth season in September, but as the premiere gets closer, it’s time for additional promotional content to be released. This comes in the form of exclusive images that may just tease a bit of what will happen in the battle for the soul of the San Fernando Valley.

Before these new photos, Cobra Kai announcements had been limited to casting additions and the first Cobra Kai trailer for Season 5 which had confirmed the move to a September 9 release. Yet, as of today, a new antagonist has entered the fray. It is because, in each of its four seasons, Cobra Kai has always sought to rediscover some of this nostalgia for The Karate Kid movies, and now it’s abundantly clear who Terry Silver has recruited to help with the dojo’s current expansion plans.


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This means that Sean Kanan will catch the attention of many fans in a few tweets posted by the official Netflix account. In the Twitter post, the actor can be seen reprising the role of former Silver student and rival Daniel LaRusso, Mike Barnes. The other photos show scenes from the upcoming season, including Johnny Lawrence and Chozen reunited with Daniel, as well as Robby finding his way back to the Miyagi-Do dojo or even next to Miguel on what appears to be American soil, which would prove that the father and son duo managed to find him.

Among the scenes depicted in the official photos, some feature a new Cobra Kai sensei, played by Alicia Hannah-Kim. There’s also the addition of at least one new student joining Tory Nichols, who’s shown to be about to confront Silver over the bribery scheme he used to sway his results. One thing to keep in mind is that Mike Barnes isn’t wearing a karate gi, possibly hinting at a scene where he’s involved in another fight with someone else.

Showrunners Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz have said many times that they feel there are still plenty of topics and stories to explore in the MiyagiVerse, so while it’s Barnes’ turn for now, there’s no reason to rule out Hilary Swank possibly joining the cast. However, Cobra Kai has a lot of loose ends to iron out before moving on to new stories and young karate stars like young Anthony LaRusso and Kenny’s rivalry.

With a second Cobra Kai video game on the way, despite the failure of the first entry, there is no doubt that the Cobra Kai name is one of the best series that Netflix has planned for the coming months, besides the current hit which is The sand man.

Cobra Kai season 4 will be released on Netflix on September 9, 2022.

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Source: Netflix | Twitter