mParticle offers access to its enterprise-grade customer data infrastructure platform

mParticle, the leader in customer data infrastructure, today announced that it will make its enterprise product available through two additional options, including a free trial, as well as a growth tier offer for businesses focused on the growth. The new programs aim to help teams maintain trust in data and effectively scale their first-party data assets amid ever-changing internal and external demands in business, economics and regulatory arenas.

Given the current economic uncertainty, as well as the ongoing ripple effect from changes to the identity landscape since iOS 14, teams across businesses of all sizes need to do more with less while optimizing customer experience and loyalty. It starts with establishing a strong first-party database to maximize efficiency at scale and facilitate the operationalization of high-quality customer data for personalized customer experiences.

“Economic volatility always drives a flight to value, where business survival hinges on the ability to innovate quickly for the customer,” said Karen gallantry, Chief Revenue Officer of mParticle. “The ability to improve data quality, governance and connectivity is universal in nature and becomes more mission critical with each passing day. We are thrilled to be able to offer the capabilities used by some of the biggest and best brands in the world to teams of all sizes.

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Both integration options are available starting today and include the following:
  • Native event collection capabilities across the broadest range of web, mobile, OTT and connected living room platforms.
  • Built-in data quality tools and schema management
  • Sophisticated and configurable identity resolution
  • Data governance and privacy controls to protect consumer privacy.
  • Real-time access to a partner ecosystem of over 300 partner APIs
  • Additional platform features such as audiences, journeys, etc. are available with the premium configuration.

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