Movable Ink Unveils AI-Based Content Personalization Engine

moving inka content personalization provider, unveiled davinci, an AI-powered content personalization engine designed to create a more meaningful approach to individualized content. Da Vinci harnesses the power of AI to create, balance and navigate a map of a brand’s catalog through editorial and promotional content in marketing programs and throughout the customer relationship lifecycle.

With a targeted release date of 2023, Da Vinci will provide marketers with:

  • A individualized content discovery path that organically guides each customer to more relevant products and categories throughout marketing programs;
  • A simple user interface to decouple content creation from campaign setup and planning by automating decisions before the inevitable schedule changes and approval delays;
  • A personalized journey of editorial and promotional content customers are most likely to engage; and
  • A creative library with content analytics that identify asset performance to allow high-performing content to stay in circulation and reach new audiences while low-performing content automatically lapses.

“Between the ever-changing tastes and needs of consumers and the painstaking work required of brands to reach every customer, the struggle for marketers has become insurmountable,” said Vivek Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Movable Ink, in a statement. . “Existing campaign processes are outdated and focus on next best actions and short-term customer value, leaving revenue and relationship-building opportunities on the table. Current approaches generate limited short-term results instead to maximize long-term engagement and revenue Da Vinci pursues a longer-term, mutually beneficial strategy that leads to higher customer lifetime value – a game-changer for brands around the world.