Mirrorless now accounts for half of income; 40% growth company: Nikon India MD

Full-frame mirrorless cameras now contribute almost half of Nikon’s revenue, Sajjan Kumar, managing director of Nikon India Pvt Ltd., told indianexpress.com. The Japanese camera giant has just launched the Z9, its flagship 45.7MP mirrorless camera in India, targeting the wildlife, sports, fashion, media and wedding segments.

Kumar said that while the DSLR line is holding its numbers, there is strong growth in the mirrorless segment, which has long been seen as a niche. “It depends on customer preferences and we have both ranges available… whatever they’re comfortable with. “

The Nikon Z9 was recently launched in India for Rs 4.75,995.

Despite the pandemic, Kumar said Nikon was on track for 40% growth this fiscal year. “The first half of the year is looking very good and compared to last year the recovery is much stronger,” he said, adding that the launch of the Z9 should give the numbers a boost.

The company is targeting a turnover of Rs 745 crore this year compared to Rs 520 crore in the last financial year which was affected to some extent by the pandemic. India now contributes 5% of Nikon’s global imaging business.

Kumar said there had been a lot of learnings during the pandemic year, ranging from how to stay in touch with customers to managing the supply chain and keeping the commitment of the ‘team. “Component shortages persist, which may have an impact on the availability of products on time. We try to do our best, ”he explained.

During the lockdown, Kumar said, there has been significant growth in the designer segment. “We saw a big spike. They could start from a smart device, but will gradually migrate to a suitable device that can showcase their work, ”he said, adding that Nikon has introduced a new kit for these vloggers offering them a set of equipment. which facilitates this transition.

Nikon is also counting on the expected rise in marriages this year as the Covid-19 situation eases across the country. “This wedding season, in the first month itself, some 2.5 million events are planned. It’s almost near pandemic levels now, ”he said, accepting that the segment has also changed over the past year with increasing importance for live streaming and pre-wedding filming.

Further, as an indicator of improving economy, Kumar said this year Diwali was “one of the best in recent years”.

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