Minecraft votes always choose the same option, attentive player reviews

An attentive fan realizes that the votes of the Minecraft community always choose a winner colored blue, like the recent winner of the crowd vote, Allay.

A fan observer noticed a distinct trend in Minecraft community votes because each winner (like the Allay crowd) was colored blue. Developer Mojang has continuously added and extended Minecraft since its launch, always introducing new features and content over the years. The latest example saw frogs and mangroves added to Minecraft, although none of these blues.

Being a game that grows and improves steadily, Minecraft has also made an annual tradition of letting players vote on certain content that it has planned for future updates. By generally giving three options, Mojang will add the community vote winner to the game sooner than the losers, some of whom might take a while to arrive. While this usually looks like a draw among options each year, one player thinks they’ve cracked the code to determine what quality the winners all seem to share.

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Observer Reddit user sun-frozen-phoenix realized that each winner of the annual Minecraft Live community vote was colored blue. Mojang allows viewers of the streaming Minecraft Live event to vote on new biomes, features, items, or mobs. Most recently, the Minecraft Live 2021 crowd vote was between the reddish copper golem, slimy green glare, and bright blue Allay – and Allay took the win this year. In previous years, the Teal Glow Squid was added to the title, along with the Mountain Frost Biome and Indigo Phantom. All are colored blue or have been shown using this color prominently in promotional material for the vote. So far, every vote has resulted in something blue being added to Minecraft, as the Sun-Frozen-Phoenix very acutely points out.

Minecraft Allay Companion

Minecraft isn’t the only game expected to get new content in the growing Microsoft franchise. Spin off Minecraft dungeons is configured to receive an update bringing with it additional game modes and features. Seasonal adventures and a new progression system are coming Minecraft dungeons, allowing players to earn new rewards and improve their characters more than was previously possible.

Exactly why the Minecraft It is unclear what the community continues to vote for the blue winners, but it seems undeniable that there is certainly a color-based model for which the options are most likely to be chosen. Minecraft Allay is only the most recent example of the phenomenon, but it is certainly not the first and maybe not the last. Maybe now that the blue stripe has been recognized, players will vote for a different color option during Minecraft Live next year.

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Minecraft is available for all platforms.

Source: sun-frozen-Phoenix / Reddit


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