Metso Outotec consolidates and complements digital tools for minerals and hydrometallurgy with the Sense series

Posted by Daniel Gleeson on May 12, 2022

Metso Outotec has revamped its portfolio of smart instruments under the Sense series; tools designed to solve specific process problems and enable the optimization of minerals and hydrometallurgical processes.

The most comprehensive portfolio of smart instruments on the market is part of Metso Outotec’s Planet Positive offering, the company said. Covering the entire flowsheet, Sense Series instruments are suitable for new and existing operations.

“The Metso Outotec Sense series includes specialized instruments that provide data for analysis and better understanding of processes,” said Veli-Matti Järvinen, Vice President, Automation Product Group at Metso Outotec. “They use the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks for better understanding. These additional tools for process problem solving and data mining can significantly contribute to improving the production within customer operations.”

Included in the series are:

Metso Outotec FrothSense+™ – takes flotation optimization to the next level with the latest technologies and capabilities. It features completely new and redesigned software and hardware. It includes the best features of two legacy systems, FrothSense and VisioFroth™, and adds new features such as foam height measurement, history analysis and AI with deep learning algorithms to detect buoyancy properties.

The new Metso Outotec RockSense™ product family will take comminution optimization to the next level with better insight into the particle size distribution (PSD) on the web, the company says. RockSense consists of a renewed two-tier offering: RockSense 3D and RockSense 2D, formerly known as VisioRock™. They allow continuous coarse PSD to in-line tape. RockSense 3D also adds new functionality with AI and deep learning algorithms to detect oversized pieces and foreign objects, for example.

Metso Outotec MillSense™ provides online volumetric load analysis by direct measurement of load position. It is now available, together with SmartEar™, as a bundle. SmartEar uses sound to give an additional measure of load impacts and liner wear. The package merges information from acoustic, vibration and force sensors for enhanced online analysis of plant operations. This enables new ways to optimize grinding performance, according to Metso Outotec.

In total, Metso Outotec smart instruments include more than 10 technologies to optimize the mining process:

  • RockSense 2D: an online particle size analysis system for rocks moving on a treadmill that uses 2D imaging technology;
  • RockSense 3D: Accurate and continuous coarse particle size and volume flow distribution using 3D imaging;
  • MillSense: analysis of the position of the toes and shoulders and the total volume of the load. Enables load control and crusher optimization;
  • FrothSense+: New system with the best features and capabilities for froth flotation analysis. It adds an AI neural network, multiple regions of interest, and foam height measurement;
  • CycloneSense™: An online measurement of air core data from hydrocyclones makes it possible to measure and visualize their performance.
  • LevelSense™: using electrical impedance tomography, LevelSense improves slurry level measurement of flotation cells;
  • CarbonSense™: an online measurement of carbon concentration in carbon-in-pulp and carbon-in-leach applications;
  • CellSense™: tank monitoring system that automatically measures electrolyte temperature and voltage in individual cells;
  • SmartEar: Online Impact Analyzer uses sound to provide additional measurements of load impacts and tappet/liner wear;
  • VisioTruck™: advanced vision technology to estimate the particle size distribution of mining truck loads;
  • SmartTag™: an innovative system for surface and underground mines to track ore from mine to processing plant and beyond; and
  • VisioPellet™: A pellet size monitoring system that measures the size of green pellets using proven camera technology installed in a pelletizing disc or drum.