Metaclass as the first decentralized classifieds platform for Metaverse

TALLINN, ESTONIA /ACCESSWIRE/March 10, 2022 / the Metaclass is the first decentralized classifieds platform built on the Binance Smart Chain: a multi-chain protocol that offers its customers cheaper yet faster transactions. Metaclass has anchored its credibility with its target customers by enriching them with a transparent, immutable and secure one-stop-shop experience; it is committed to providing its users with uncensored advertising opportunities through privacy-protected and community-driven e-commerce.

Users, in addition to posting job ads, garage sales, etc., can stake their native Metaclass tokens on the platform, making Metaclass the premier autodial and autostake platform that provides an attractive APY of 196,868.1%. Coupled with many distinctive properties and unavoidable design structures, Metaclass intends to extend its platform with the incorporation of Metaverse.

Metaclass Trading

There are no fees charged to sellers for placing an ad; instead, they are only required to hold a certain number of native Metaclass tokens in their wallet – a number that will initially be decided by the platform, but the policy is expected to change based on governance decisions. Buyers, in turn, can make payments in various cryptocurrencies such as BUSD, BNB, or the native $Metaclass token.

Staking on Metaclass

In addition to providing decentralization to the classifieds, Metaclass offers its users the staking opportunities with high and flexible returns on the staked native tokens. $Metaclass staking provides a daily interest rate (DPY) of 2.1% and an APY of 196,868.1% per annum.

Can we find scams here?

A 3D review before a purchase eliminates all kinds of fraud and eliminates the chances of buyers interacting with sellers advertising shoddy products. Thus, in precision, Metaverse backs up a strong and secure foundation for buyers and sellers.


Funds from any order placed through Metaclass will be held in escrow until both parties fully agree to the performance of the goods or services, thereby ensuring safe and reliable exchange of goods on the platform. A smart contract can be set up to act as an escrow that holds the funds until payment terms are met.

Diversified market structure

Metaclass specializes in advertising for several different products including common goods, real estate, tangible and intangible financial tokens, NFTs on a single platform also with an integrated metaverse.

Payment method

Payments on Metaclass are made via various currencies such as BUSD, BNB or the native token $Metaclass which are temporarily locked in escrow until both parties agree to perform the goods or services.

Zero fees

Buyers on Metaclass pay no transaction fees; instead, transaction fees are directed to sellers. This ensures high traffic on the platform thanks to the levers it endows customers.


Metaclass native currency token holders are eligible to vote for various policies such as organizational policies, selection of arbitrators, introduction of probable features, etc., thus making users an active participant in the whole system. ‘ecosystem.

Holding NFTs

Users can use their $Metaclass tokens to purchase NFTs, the non-fungible tokens that represent digital certificates of ownership.

mission and vision

Metaclass is a Metaverse craigslist that aims to become one of the top ranked marketing websites by traffic across the globe. Each year, Metaclass spends $19 billion on advertising for an overall impact of more than $300 billion in terms of activity with its users. To improve the user experience, Metaclass is involved in introducing other crypto features such as NFT trading and autostaking, the automatic composition of native Metaclass tokens. Metaclass intends to expand the reach of the platform for buyers and sellers and is therefore actively

use the funds generated for new development projects.

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