Medley, the coaching platform for personal and professional development, gets $ 3.7 million led by A16Z – TechCrunch

Mixed, the group coaching platform that focuses on both personal and professional development, today announced the closing of a $ 3.7 million funding round led by A16Z

Connie Chan and Anne Lee Skates of Andreesen Horowitz led the round, with participation from Aglaé Ventures, Foundation Capital, Ciara Wilson, Jen Rubio, Dara Treseder (Peloton). and Sanyin Siang (Duke University), among others.

Medley was co-founded by Edith Cooper and Jordan Taylor, a mother-daughter duo who believe that the personal and professional development of people are inextricably linked. The platform was launched in July 2020 with the aim of facilitating small group discussions led by a professional development coach. These groups were twinned with the express intention of fostering diversity and inclusion, with different age groups, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds represented in each group.

With inclusiveness in mind, Medley invites everyone to join, and has even launched with a sliding scale based on opportunities for annual membership.

Along with the funding announcement, Medley will also be showcasing Medley Moments in the coming months. Moments are specially designed courses that members can enroll in to focus on their particular goals. Taylor gave a few examples of the types of topics Moments will cover, including becoming a new parent, learning about leadership, moving, career pivots and more.

“There was an increased emphasis on the importance of having a perspective on the reality of others that was in people’s consciousness when we first launched, but which is now critical to their center of gravity, in terms of what people are looking for when they participate in groups, ”said Edith Cooper. “People also increasingly expect their employers to genuinely care about them and deliver offers that are not tactical-driven, but benefit them as people. “

Based on this information and a successful pilot program with LinkedIn, Medley is now exploring B2B options for the business, with the potential to sell the programs to larger organizations for the benefit of their employees.

Following the LinkedIn pilot project, which recorded an NPS score of 99%, the professional social giant will extend this partnership in 2022.

The new funding means hiring is definitely on the table for Medley this year. Cooper, who sits on many boards, including those of Amazon and PepsiCo, says the biggest challenge for Medley, or any organization for that matter, is attracting and retaining world-class talent, where passion and vision are aligned.

“The best part of being an entrepreneur is working with people who challenge me, who I learn with and who I love spending time with,” said Jordan Taylor. “It’s a big challenge but also something I feel grateful for is being able, with Edith, to build a team of people who are always looking to learn.”

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