Lil Nas X’s label lets him release new music

The controversy surrounding Lil Nas X’s upcoming debut studio album, MONTERO, has been at the forefront of music news lately. The artist recently took to TikTok to respond to some of these rumors, apparently joking that his label is finally allowing him to release additional new music. He also took the opportunity to give fans a teaser for the upcoming track, “Industry Baby”.

The song “MONTERO” recently became the headline, as the backing visuals and promotional material for the track seemed to have caused a stir with audiences. Lil Nas used satanic imagery and gay-friendly content in his video, as well as subsequent racy performances that sparked backlash against the hitmaker.

The controversy then put the multi-faceted artist in hot water with his label, but it looks like they’re on good terms now. Lil Nas confirmed on TikTok with a video captioned, “When the Satanic Controversy Dies Down and Your Label Says You’re Allowed to Release New Music.” It’s important to note that Lil Nas released a new track, “SUN GOES DOWN” in May, but additional versions have been put on hold due to the backlash.

The TikTok video saw Lil Nas tease fans with a short clip from “Industry Baby” which was first teased last October. However, the latest teaser is expected to be a new version of the previously leaked song.

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