Letter to the Editor: Forest Avenue Hannaford Models Caring Customer Service

We all buy food, most of us from Hannaford, Shaw’s, Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods. Where we buy from depends on many factors: It’s an open market.

For New Mainers (immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers), these choices depend on proximity, the availability of certain items in stock and the price. Naturally, Forest Avenue Hannaford serves, among many communities, many who are new to our country, for whom English is a second language.

This letter praises the employees of this particular Hannaford, who feel like the “mother ship” of their brand.

Most of these employees are white; some of their clients are not. Time and time again, I find that these employees, especially the checkout staff, are kind and patient in helping non-white buyers maneuver the verification process.

If you are white and speak English, going to the supermarket is by heart. If you are in a foreign country, your English is limited, and there are forms or cards to deal with, this process can be a challenge.

I don’t know if these Hannaford staff members receive any special training or if they are just great at their jobs, but they deserve our full applause. They might be impatient; they are not. They could be understanding; they are.

For many reasons, I prefer to buy from this location. Now my preference is redoubled.

John spritz

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