Launch of the first Arabic communication technology platform

Image used for illustrative purposes only.

Sajjad Ahmad, Assistant Business Editor

To support the UAE’s innovation strategy and strengthen the Arab communications technology market, Variiance announced the launch of the first Arab V.Connct platform in Dubai to deliver the next-generation unified communications technology services in the Middle East and Africa.

It is currently preparing to launch its revolutionary version in the fourth quarter of 2022, version 5.0. Representing the next generation of video meetings, virtual classrooms and voice calls. This version excels with its unique features on many global platforms and applications such as ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex and others.

Magid Arif, CEO of Variiance, confirmed that they are very proud to create the V.Connct platform and application as it is a complete Arab innovation and the next revolution in unified communication technology worldwide. He added that the decision to found the platform in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was the result of Variiance’s precise vision and study, from a global city that supports innovation and growth. entrepreneurship, which is provided in Dubai through the future vision and unlimited support. of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, for a global business environment that supports the prosperity of all businesses in the business sector, especially the technology sector.

Arif also added that the company’s software development engineers have worked to develop a complete application that includes all the features of global applications with unparalleled performance and quality, as well as security and data protection thanks to “encryption end-to-end”, even in the free version of the application. packages, which makes all meetings and calls through the platform fully encrypted and prevents any party from hacking them, along with the high performance and quality of the app and the very competitive price compared to all other apps world. V.Connct is based on artificial intelligence AI in many of its features. And perhaps one of the most important features provided by V.Connct recently is its Arabic interface, which also supports more than 60 other languages, as well as a 24-hour Arabic technical support service and 7 days a week.

V.Connct has managed during this pilot period to attract more than 120,000 users with a total meeting time of 500 million high quality meeting minutes, Arif also said that V.Connct is accelerating the pace of development to launch its 5th version that meets the needs of Arab companies, institutions and users. This will allow V.Connct to represent the next generation of UCaaS unified communications applications worldwide.

With this release, V.Connct will take the lead in the communication technology market in the Arab world and break into the global market, estimated at around $72 billion. And it is striving to capture a substantial share of that market in record time.