Laivly launches assisted AI platform to modernize large-scale call centers

Laivly, the market leader in AI and automation for contact centers, today announced the launch of its assisted AI platform. Designed to easily and quickly modernize large-scale contact centers, Laivly turns real-time intelligence into real-time action that increases contact center productivity, increases return on investment and delivers a better customer experience.

Laivly sits on an agent’s desktop adding automation to help each agent complete tasks at lightning speed, while built-in AI serves top-performing agent workflows across the board. ‘crew. The result is a faster, smarter, more accurate and more efficient contact center where human agents can spend more time delivering exceptional customer experiences and less time struggling with technology. Watch a short video of how Laivly works here.

The Laivly platform adds a layer of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation to any existing technology or the entire technology stack to streamline workflows, analyze customers on the fly and guide agents to the best possible results. Additionally, Laivly’s custom orchestration layer seamlessly bridges the entire technology stack, without using any back-end APIs, making integration instant and simple for IT teams.

Laivly’s new AI-assisted platform modernizes large-scale call centers, increases ROI and improves customer experience.

Founded in July 2017 as a spin-off from global 24-7 customer service leader Intouch, Laivly quietly developed its AI-powered contact center technology and carefully selected early customers for launch later. wide. Laivly’s technology is already used by top Fortune 500 companies in the e-commerce, technology and CPG industries. Early adopters of Laivly’s technology are already realizing a return on investment of 50% to 300%, depending on the use case. Most brands save money in less than a year and also dramatically improve the overall customer experience. Moreover, in an industry where up to 75% of contact center employees suffer from burnout and the turnover rate is close to 40%, brands that adopt Laivly’s technology can increase the longevity of the employment of their contact center staff.

Laivly’s platform is designed to meet the needs of contact center agents. It makes an agent’s life easier not only by recommending actions to help a customer, but also by performing those actions. The result is a consistent customer experience for every agent, reduced technical load on the customer service associate, and agents able to devote more attention to providing empathetic service. According to a recent study by Laivly, 88.5% of agents currently using the tool said it was “helpful” or “very helpful” in providing a better customer experience. Additionally, 78% of agents said they would be “disappointed” or “very disappointed” if they had to do their job without Laivly, demonstrating a clear fit between the product and the market.

“Laivly represents a significant leap forward for call centers worldwide,” said Jeff Fettes, CEO and Founder of Laivly and Co-Founder of 24-7 Intouch. “There hasn’t been a significant change in call center technology or work in over a decade, and customer service has suffered. Laivly’s platform changes all that with a tool that improves customer service and call center jobs almost overnight, ultimately leading to customers, call center agents and businesses more satisfied.

Laivly transforms call centers in the following ways:

  • Simplified process: Laivly automates workflows to improve accuracy and save time. It learns how top performers do their jobs and uses that to improve work company-wide.
  • Easy integration: Laivly’s orchestration layer enables instant integration with any system, making it an agile performance tool that can drive results.
  • Performs simple tasks: The platform’s AI-powered thinking doesn’t just suggest next best actions; he can run them for an agent, creating a consistent customer experience.
  • Tools directly on the desktop: Laivly’s agent support tool lives right on the desktop. Laivly’s unobtrusive interface borrows the best aspects of a unified desktop, but still allows agents to work directly on native apps.

According to Forrester analysts, two of the highest priorities for customer service should be “futureproofing” the technology stack as well as creating a human-centric contact center. These two priorities align with Laivly’s mission.

About Laivly

Powered by AI and machine learning, Laivly combines attended automation with digital adoption to empower customer service agents to deliver exceptional service every time, at every touchpoint. Laivly layers AI and automation on all systems to streamline workflows, analyze customers on the fly, and guide agents to the best possible outcomes. Laivly’s custom orchestration layer seamlessly bridges the technology stack, without using back-end APIs, making integration instant and simple for technical teams. The result is a faster, smarter, more accurate and efficient contact center where friendly humans can spend less time struggling with technology and more time delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Founded in July 2017 as a spin-out of 24-7 Contact Center Intouch and led by a dedicated team of data scientists, developers and researchers, Laivly was created by experts with over 10 years of experience spanning 100+ brands, 200,000+ contact center agents and 30 million customer inquiries per month. Laivly is a private company based in Winnipeg, Canada.

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