Konvoy doubles over New Zealand

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ANZ cask pooling experts Konvoy have shown they are serious about growing in New Zealand with the appointment of Tom Madams as New Zealand manager based in Auckland.

Madams will lead the charge, bolstering the local team that Konvoy has built over the past two years. With Konvoy since 2020 and in the brewing industry for over 15 years, Madams are delighted to bring their extensive experience and network to New Zealand soil.

The growth of the sector in the local market is the main priority for Madams, who says she is invigorated by the challenges of this post-pandemic world. “The past two years have been an incredibly challenging time for the industry, and we know the next phase will not be without obstacles. Konvoy’s aim has been and will continue to be to support our customers, and I am delighted to oversee this, with new drums and assets which will strengthen our New Zealand fleet in the field and in turn help our industry. to thrive.

Madams is also inspired by the Australian market with which it works closely. “I’m so proud of the team there and what we’ve been able to accomplish. I know that our team on the ground is dedicated to our customers and I am convinced that they are all in very good hands. The ladies will regularly travel between countries to reconnect with the team and customers over a pint or two.

Konvoy recently raised $30 million and announced plans to expand into international markets, including the US, UK and Europe.