Kelly Dooley – Queen Bee @ Key To Life Supply

BROOMFIELD, Colo., July 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — They say behind every great man, there’s a great woman. Well, in the case of Key To Life, that couldn’t be truer. Kelly Doley is COO of Key To Life, but that title falls short of describing his role at the company. Along with her husband, Tate Dooley, Kelly is also co-founder and co-owner of Key To Life. Kelly is responsible for most of the internal workings of the company, being a driving force in all areas of the company’s operations. From logistics and order processing, to the creation of every piece of marketing material published by the company, the composition and publication of our newsletters, the purchase of products, the creation and maintenance of the website, the management of HR and inter-company relations, and all the rest. . The company’s success is directly linked to its efforts, and it shows every day. Simple and clear, the business couldn’t function without Kelly!!

Key To Life’s marketing is top notch in the industry. It’s clean, it’s catchy, it’s informative and it’s cohesive. Typically, marketing is handled by someone who went to college specifically for marketing. In general, information sheets and handouts are fairly typical for this reason. There are simple titles, a few images and lots of text. Not at KTL. Kelly takes Key To Life marketing to the next level. Not only is it clean and easy to follow, but each new marketing material looks somehow better than the last! Kelly continues to find new, inventive ways to make common things exciting, and the mundane details feel exclusive!! Take something like separating hemp materials. In a nutshell, it’s a fairly simple process by which desirable hemp material is separated from undesirable material. Kelly completely flipped it and became a Super Hero with it, turning it into The Incredible Bulk parting process! It is now something exciting that opens the eyes of the industry and is quickly becoming an industry standard.

Generating and publishing content is, again, typically relegated to people with a background in writing; people who majored in English or creative writing in college. At Key To Life, this is just another role that Kelly has masterfully taken on. She is responsible not only for editing, but often for writing the weekly newsletter, and even designing our states’ regulatory labeling. And on top of that, she helps shape and present it in new and exciting ways! Key To Life’s newsletters cover everything from exclusive offers to educational knowledge drops to promotional content outlining upcoming events. Kelly makes it all not only palatable, but she makes it interesting and eye-catching.

Creating and maintaining a website can often be a complicated and frustrating undertaking. People can go to college for years just to be able to write the code needed to create a working website that doesn’t crash or isn’t so user-friendly that people immediately lose interest and move on. thing. Not only did Kelly help create the Key To Life website, but she is also responsible for adding new products almost daily as well as coordinating with logistics partners AND funding partners to ensure it is functional. She taught herself how to integrate elements into the website and place content strategically so that as it continually changes, the business can maintain functionality and efficiency!

The extreme levels of executive knowledge she has acquired on roller coasters over the years is absolutely amazing. You often hear Kelly say “I got a degree in art and graphic design, how did I end up doing the numbers?”. You will find that upon further analysis of the spreadsheets of numbers, three-tier pricing, business plan projections and contracts that she helps form, you will notice the extreme level of detail and thought that goes into everything she does. It won’t tell you, but it often outperforms highly experienced CPAs, accountants, CFOs, and many people with business-specific degrees in their specific category. In a way, she knows how to do everything! Learning to ride the business roller coaster in real life is more valuable than any degree you might have and Kelly has proven it time and time again!

To top it off, she’s an incredible mother of two wonderful children and an incredible wife to Tate Dooley. She is able to not only help learn at home with her children, but somehow continues to accomplish important day-to-day things with the company, while juggling a million things. Not only does she do it, but she continues to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day! Every morning at the company’s daily meetings, employees see Kelly’s smiling face saying “good morning” to them and starting the day on a positive note. Kelly is truly an inspiration, a self-taught business guru, a great example of a business leader, highly experienced and well-deserved of her official corporate title – queen bee! Be on the lookout for this business tycoon, Kelly Doleyand where it takes Key To Life Supply in the future!

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