Jose Canseco will participate in the Juice Night promotion in Las Vegas

The man who once dropped $5,000 from a helicopter in an extravagant cash grab for spectators and was rewarded with a mention on ESPN’s ‘SportsCenter’ is spinning again its promotional rotor.

Lights CEO Brett Lashbrook doubled Friday’s football game against El Paso at Cashman Field $1 Juice Night with Jose Canseco. Juice boxes will be sold for $1, and the former Major League Bash Brother and longtime Las Vegas resident will flex his muscles at halftime in a home run contest.

“It’s like cans of school cafeteria juice that we sell, but we call it Canseco Juice – it’s all ironic,” Lashbrook said.

There’s Juicy Juice, and then there’s the kind that Canseco, an established steroid user in a career that saw him belt 462 home runs, used to complete long, stupendous workouts.

Lashbrook initially had some trepidation about approaching the former Oakland A slugger with the idea. But he said Canseco took it all in good spirits.

“When we went to his house, I asked the staff to make the boxes. I had one that said $1 Canseco Juice and another that just said $1 juice,” Lashbrook said. “I said give him the Canseco juice, and if he gets mad, give him the other one.

“He took the Canseco Juice one and laughed the whole time.”

Lashbrook said the juice will be served in generic packaging – mass-produced containers with the specialist’s long ball face or bulging biceps would have been prohibitively expensive – but the home run contest will certainly have flavor Canseco.

Instead of standing at home plate at the traditional baseball field, the big man will set up near the cautionary rink in right center field. He will attempt to throw softballs above spectators and onto (or above) the roof of the Cashman Field Convention Center.

“Seriously, there’s an aspect that he’s going to break a window in the club restaurant,” Lashbook said.

Which, in all seriousness, also seemed like a thinly veiled attempt to sell a few more tickets.

around the horn

– Local politicians and tourist types were quick with the hosannas when it was announced that English Premier League powerhouses Chelsea FC would meet Mexican heavyweight Club America at a football exhibition on the 16th July at Allegiant Stadium.

They may have forgotten Club America’s visit to Southern Nevada in 2013. Hundreds of the team’s supporters clashed with those of El Super Classico rival Chivas in a bloody brawl during from which rocks and bottles were thrown before their “friendly” at Sam Boyd Stadium.

Fans also flooded the pitch during the match. More fights ensued. Other arrests were made.

The hope was that good attendance and a good atmosphere for the Chivas-Club America game could lead to Las Vegas landing a Major League Soccer franchise.

– Dr. John Cheng, 52, killed May 14 when a gunman opened fire at a church in Orange County, Calif., was the primary care physician for the former quarterback UNLV and current Cleveland Browns fullback Johnny Stanton.

“Absolute hero,” Stanton wrote on his Twitter account. “He attacked the shooter and helped save so many people in this church. I just wanted his name to be known. We will miss him.”

– UNLV football coach Marcus Arroyo posted on Twitter that the Rebels’ combined APR is 984, whatever that means, and their GPA is 3.31 – which seems like a very good GPA for a college football team.

Regardless, the average UNLV fan would likely trade 2.31 points shy of the team’s GPA for six wins and a spot in the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frisco Bowl against Old Dominion.


–Two days after the Pac-12 announced it would scrap its divisional setup for determining attendees for its championship football game at Allegiant Stadium, the Mountain West did the same.

Pac 12: Conference of Champions.

Mountain West: Conference of Impersonators.

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