Jimbo Fisher on Texas A&M loss to Alabama: ‘We just missed a game’

In a piece that will be dissected somewhat nationally and longer in College Station, Jimbo Fishers thought he had composed the “perfect” reading.

Haynes King fell back, two yards from another Alabama upset by Texas A&M and watched Evan Stewart go down a “plyon route” to get back on the ball. It was a variation of the play that earned the Aggies a touchdown earlier Saturday night, but Alabama cornerback Terrion Arnold was there and the potential winner bounced off the sidelines.

“We had what we wanted to go to. We knew where we wanted to go,” Fisher said after the 24-20 loss. “…Give them credit. They made the game when needed.

“There are no moral victories, but it showed you what we are capable of and how we can play. … We were a good team today. We just missed a game.”

No. 1 Alabama (6-0, 3-0 Southeastern Conference) was passed by Texas A&M (3-3, 1-2) in the fourth quarter, 103-33, as Fisher almost successful return. A&M salvaged four Tide turnovers and a pair of missed field goals.

Like The Tide and Jalen Milroe, Texas A&M played with their backup quarterback. King threw for 253 yards on 25 of 46 attempts. The roster limitations shouldn’t elicit sympathy from A&M, though.

“We went hand in hand with them. It shows you what you are capable of.

“We didn’t have Ainias Smith, we didn’t have our left tackle. We didn’t have our left guard. We didn’t have McKinnley Jackson. … We’ve also been understaffed all year. We are not looking for scruples. Neither do they. It either. I know Nick. He will look for no scruples,” Fisher said.

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Alabama’s pass rush got King in trouble from the opening snap. Will Anderson, Dallas Turner and others combined for 14 rushing quarterbacks, six tackles for a loss and three sacks. Comparatively, A&M generated two rushes on Milroe. Texas A&M converted five of 17 third down attempts and once of two fourth down attempts.

“We knew up front, man, they could rush,” Fishers said. “We slipped, shifted, started, moved the pocket. But sometimes you’re third and you don’t win. You have to step back and throw the soccer ball.

Prior to the game, much attention was paid to the off-season fireworks fired from the mouths of Saban and Fisher towards each other’s programs regarding NIL and recruiting. Fisher was asked if it had an impact on Saturday night, calling it “another game” that doubled as a measuring stick for where A&M stacks up in the SEC West.

Did their previous comments come up when meeting Saban in midfield before or after the contest?

“I told him he had a good team and wished him well for the rest of the year. He did the same to me. We talked before the game, did all our business,” Fisher said.

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