JAGAT Introduces Next-Generation Social Platform, Bringing Creators, Startups, and Indonesia’s Future Capital Nusantara Together in a Virtual World

Jakarta, Indonesia, November 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jagat is rolling out a first-of-its-kind, next-generation mobile social platform that brings authentic, real-life-inspired interactions to an immersive virtual world in Indonesiaavailable on Google Play, App store and on the site play.jagat.io. Jagat allows users to create their own virtual experiences and additionally format social interactions – meeting rooms, voice chat rooms, live performances and more. Jagat Pioneer Community Launched on October 28 2022 online with indonesia Youth Pledge Day brought together communities of young people, leading technology companies, investors and local brands – inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodoaccompanied by the main ministers of Indonesia.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo (white shirt), meeting his avatar at JAGAT Nusantara, guided by Barry Beagen, co-founder and CEO of JAGAT

“Jagat is a user-generated city where users can design their own experiences, create their own avatars, and grow their communities. We focus on users as creators themselves. Our voice chat rooms, for example, allow people to have immersive shared experiences where they can use this feature for live performances, from stand-up comedy to meet and greet, it’s limitless. We believe that social interaction and entertainment are inevitably linked, so everything at Jagat is designed to have fun together.” Barry BeagenCo-founder and CEO of Jagat.

Jagat has brought together a diverse set of pioneering partners to target indonesia youth. Ranging from a leading audio streaming platform, the first beauty and personal care commerce platform, an IP comic brand, a non-profit youth development organization, a regional network of digital creators and a citizen journalism-based media group for its pioneering community launch on October 28.

The platform brought Nusantara to life during its pioneering community launch on October 28 called Jagat Nusantara, which coincided with indonesia Historic Youth Engagement Day. “Young generation of Indonesia must come together to shape the future of our country’s digital and real economy. Let us build Nusantara together through innovation and creativity,” said the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, during the inauguration of Jagat Nusantara. The warm welcome to Nusantara’s presence in Jagat, based on a true future capital of the country, signaled the rapidly emerging country’s eagerness to develop its digital economy which is expected to reach at least $220 billion by 2030 and a market dominated by young people under 25 at 40%.

Beagen continued, “We are excited to expand our network of partners locally and globally. We believe Jagat is also a new channel for brands and businesses to connect and engage with new audiences in new ways that transcend physical distance and foster unity, ultimately building an enduring community. Unlike traditional ads, they are able to build social capital through creative experiences, much like our pioneering partners did with live podcasts and even a talent hunt show. »

Among its investors is Advance Intelligence Group, a SingaporeAI-powered tech unicorn that works with over 700 enterprise customers, 15,000 regional and international brands, and over 30 million consumers. “With our deep base and ecosystem of partners, products and services in Indonesia and globally, Advance Intelligence Group will provide relevant knowledge, experience and resources to enrich and grow a truly immersive social experience at Jagat. Our diverse range of partners will also have this opportunity to connect with millions of young Indonesian consumers and be part of Jagat’s first next-generation mobile social platform in Indonesia,” said Jefferson ChenGroup Chairman and CEO.

Looking ahead, the platform is poised to build a shared economy ecosystem “We believe Jagat will be the next generation social media for the next generation. Going forward, we see web3 as an opportunity to build a shared economy with our users and creators. Our priority is to nurture a sense of community and ownership of the virtual world and the experiences we bring to life at Jagat.”

Jagat’s interdisciplinary team has experience in building social apps and games, e-commerce, fintech, design and architecture, entertainment and blockchain. “We will be developing the platform with users, we are looking to understand how users can fully utilize Jagat. We have seen an increase in user numbers and interest in partnerships since our launch, our team since then has been communicating closely with our users. We have a long roadmap ahead of us, and our team is truly looking forward to building the future of social media and user-driven entertainment with our users, creators and partners.”

To learn more about Jagat, please visit their website www.jagat.io or Jagat’s social media accounts at instagram @jagat.io and Twitter @jagat_io.