Is Fallout 76 worth playing in 2022?

Fallout 76 is a strangely fascinating addition to the esteemed To fall franchise, because of how distinctly different it is from other titles in the series, and for how it has remained so relevant to gaming discourse for so long, albeit for the wrong reasons.

Despite the palpable hype surrounding Fallout 76 before its launch, the more than tumultuous manner in which it was launched drew a significant reaction from the wider gaming community, with the unpolished nature of the gameplay at launch combining with questionable PR responses combining to condemn the game in the immediacy of its release. That being said, over three years since the game was released, Bethesda has released a slew of post-launch patches and updates. With the overarching goal of these updates to turn the game into something more representative of what players have come to expect, fans may wonder if the game is worth revisiting.


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The notoriously problematic launch


When discussing whether the game is worth revisiting in 2022, it would be remiss not to first describe and contextualize how the launch led to such stigma. Finally launched in November 2018, the ambition and difference of Fallout 76 saw an outpouring of support and interest in the game in the months leading up to its release.

However, when the game launched, this large audience only saw the game’s negative reviews amplified. Fans found Fallout 76 being littered with glitches upon release, which made the game borderline unplayable for many players. Although Bethesda is reasonably transparent about the unstable state in which Fallout 76 would come out, the scope and scale of the issues present saw the game thrust to the forefront of criticism and negative publicity.

The launch was not helped by the ease with which players quickly began to exploit and cheat in Fallout 76 to acquire planned endgame content, nullifying and spoiling what the game had to offer just weeks after launch.

However, the issues at launch weren’t limited to gameplay, with outrage stemming from the actions taken by the stressed PR and logistics teams surrounding Fallout 76 which faced a launch fraught with unprecedented problems and its backlash. Unfortunately, fans who paid $80 for physical replicas of the in-game glass bottled Nuka Cola Dark drink received plastic versions that looked very different from the promotional material.

Another example came with the promised addition of a canvas Fallout 76 bag with the Collector’s Edition games, with fans receiving a cheaper nylon version instead. Bethesda eventually sent bags more indicative of the advertised canvas bag, however, fans had to wait nearly seven months after launch to receive them.

Fixes since launch


One of the main and most appreciated changes that Bethesda has recently implemented for Fallout 76 was a facelift to the game’s inventory and sorting, increasing the player’s stash weight limit by 50% and adding much-needed categories to the sorting system to allow for easier item identification.

Another area that Bethesda has consistently addressed since the game’s release is the issue of duplication exploits. Bethesda has had to deal with specific item duplication exploits as they became known, and is part of the game that has remained annoyingly present throughout the game’s lifecycle. that Bethesda has been rolling out to fix the duplication issues, it’s something that comes and goes with every patch and update, and it’s definitely a gameplay aspect that will always keep players coming back in 2022.

While it’s a good sign that Bethesda has been consistently fixing issues and releasing fixes since the game’s launch, it’s of course concerning that core issues have remained so constant to this day, more than three years after its launch. exit. On top of that, the fact that some patches actually produce even bigger issues and bring back previously fixed issues undoubtedly makes returning to the game in 2022 a less appealing prospect, although the game is definitely in a better state by compared to its launch.

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New content

fallout 76 nuclear winter beta expansion

With the uncertainty surrounding the status of bug fixes remaining in Fallout 76the fair amount of post-launch content the game now has is perhaps the most enticing factor for players to potentially revisit.

The Wastelanders DLC was a free content update released in 2020 that went well with the Fallout 76 community. Crucially enough, the DLC introduced NPCs to the game world. A gameplay element that many thought should have been a part of Fallout 76 at launch, the presence of NPCs makes the game feel much more authentic To fall feeling and builds the organic feeling of the world quite significantly.

One of the biggest post-launch introductions worth exploring is the Nuclear Winter game mode. Nuclear Winter is a battle royale mode, where 52 players compete to be the last ones standing, with power armor and even nuclear weapons at their disposal. The introduction of these alternate game modes helps break the boredom that many fans were beginning to feel with the base game, and is certainly an aspect of Fallout 76 worth checking out.

With Bethesda further releasing a roadmap of what fans should expect in 2022, the new content that Fallout 76 boasts makes the game worth revisiting, despite the lingering presence of glitches and exploits.

Fallout 76 is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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