Inmarsat launches a new cyber-maritime offer for Fleet Xpress

Rendered by Fleet Xpress. Photo: Inmarsat

Inmarsat launches a new service designed to strengthen the cyber protection of its maritime customers. The product, Fleet Secure Unified Threat Management (UTM), is a standard option of its Fleet Xpress service to protect ship networks against cyberattacks. Inmarsat announced the product on April 25.

Fleet Secure UTM complements a portfolio of Inmarsat cybersecurity solutions for shipowners, including Fleet Secure Endpoint and Fleet Secure Cyber ​​Awareness Training. It was developed in partnership with maritime cybersecurity specialist Port IT and is based on consolidating multiple network security tools into a single application.

Inmarsat said that depending on customer preference, Fleet Secure UTM capabilities can include gateway antivirus software, intrusion detection and prevention, web content filtering and application control. All Fleet Secure UTM users benefit from an asset management, alerting, and reporting capability that aligns with the International Maritime Organization’s 2021 compliance for cybersecurity risk management.

“The benefits of big data and artificial intelligence for vessel efficiency, safety and sustainability are clear, while COVID-19 has highlighted crew connectivity as a critical issue for our industry. Safeguarding these gains requires cyber awareness and training, endpoint protection, and the layered defenses of network protection. With Fleet Secure UTM, Inmarsat is now able to meet all of these requirements as a single supplier,” said Ben Palmer, president of Inmarsat Maritime, in a statement.