Independent MSPs Form Alliance and Create Unique Platform to Accelerate Growth

CINCINNATI – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – blueAlliance IT – an investment and growth platform for technology companies – has formed an exclusive collaboration that will allow Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and other pioneers in the tech world to compete and to grow in the ever-changing and fast-paced IT industry.

The unique company was formed by three successful entrepreneurs whose IT businesses are among the founding partners of blueAlliance IT, which include Path Forward IT, BECA and Skynet Innovations. At the time of its launch, blueAlliance IT already includes eight partner companies and several companies under study.

Nick Recker, CEO of Path Forward and the impetus behind the collaborative enterprise, founded blueAlliance IT as a solution to an ever-expanding challenge facing small and mid-sized MSPs – keeping local IT relationships intact while delivering the enterprise level service and protection demanded by today’s businesses.

“Every aspect of our lives is very different today compared to just 10 years ago thanks to technology, and companies must not only ‘keep up’ but also capitalize on innovations on the horizon,” explains Recker. “BlueAlliance’s IT growth platform provides partners with the specialized capabilities, enterprise-level support and capital necessary to stay relevant and keep their clients on the cutting edge of the latest innovations and advancements in cybersecurity. ”

Mike Estep, president of founding partner BECA, will lead blueAlliance IT as CEO. He brings to the company an in-depth knowledge of technology and data protection trends, having served on advisory boards for companies such as Microsoft, WatchGuard, Webroot and NetWrix, he is an active member of CyberNation and a board member. From Infragard, a private sector group working with the FBI to protect the data of private and public companies.

Estep notes that blueAlliance IT’s appeal and differentiator is its foundation and purpose. “There are plenty of opportunities for independent IT companies to ‘cash in’ and get absorbed into a large private equity network. It’s not us! blueAlliance IT is led by tech entrepreneurs and seeks to partner with independently run businesses and strengthen their brands, customers and talents.

BlueAlliance IT partners can extend their customers 24/7/365 access to a nationwide rapid response team and experts in cybersecurity and data management. It offers shared services such as human resources, finance, recruiting and more. It also provides partners with growth-oriented tools and resources, including sales, marketing, CIO consulting and strategic planning services.

BlueAlliance IT COO Shaun Sexton called on founding partner Skynet Innovations to grow his team and business. “BlueAlliance IT enables the Skynet team and brand to grow faster,” says Sexton. “This removes many of the complexities of owning small businesses and removes the barriers that stand in the way of growth. Sexton attributes several recent acquisitions of new Skynet customers to its ability to provide seamless access to blueAlliance IT resources, including a group of IT engineers and a Level 1 rapid response team staffed with national staff.

About blueAlliance IT

blueAlliance IT is an investment and growth platform for technology companies. The company is looking to acquire small and mid-size MSPs and IT-focused businesses to harness the strength of individual brands; deploy shared services and specialized expertise; and, ultimately, accelerate and amplify growth. To learn more, visit

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