How Dragon Age Dreadwolf Could Improve Inquisition Origins

Fans have been eagerly awaiting what BioWare is now calling Dragon Age: Dreadwolf since the devs teased it at the end of Inquisitionit is Intruder DLCs. However, seven years after Intruder, many questions remain unanswered about the upcoming game. Among them is if and how Dragon Age: Dreadwolf could continue the tradition of Origin Stories.

While Origins was present in both Dragon Age: Origins and dragon age inquisition, each game tackled them very differently, and some felt that Inquisition’s origins left a lot to be desired. Still, the original game’s fully playable prologues also represent a significant investment of time and money that the developers might not consider worthwhile. Nevertheless, there are ways Dragon Age: Dreadwolf could improve Inquisition‘s Origins without breaking the bank.


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Origins in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The origins of the characters did not play such a large role in Dragon Age: Inquisition as they did in Origins, and it’s understandable why some fans weren’t impressed with this version of the feature. There’s one each for Dragon Age: InquisitionNewly playable Elves, Dwarves, and Qunari, with Humans getting either the Mage or Noble backstory. Instead of a playable prologue, players would get a brief summary of their character’s backstory followed by a short chain of War Table missions later in the game.

However, these Missions were easily missed, especially by anyone who didn’t like Dragon Age: InquisitionWar table. Also, unlike other choices in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the outcome of these missions has no significant impact on the rest of the game, even though it looks like they should have. For example, the entire clan of the Elven Inquisitor can die during one of the Inquisition‘s War Table Missions, but it goes completely unnoticed by them or any other main character. Limiting origin stories to text boxes also makes them less important and personal than they were in the original game.

Origins in Dragon Age: Origins

Compared to Inquisitionit is easy to see why some might prefer Dragon Age: Origins‘ playable prologues. The player’s choice of dragon ageRaces and classes determined which of six different opening chapters they could choose. These prologues helped establish various locations, people, concepts, and plot points for later in the game, with each origin having at least one point of intersection with the main story. Players get Origin-specific dialogue during these scenes in addition to the additional context provided by each of the six prologues. These origin stories are also great for actors, as they give them context to build their character’s personality.

However, Dragon Age: OriginsThe approach also represents a lot of content that not all players will see. While BioWare can get away with reusing assets and sometimes entire locations for some of the origins, it still takes time and money to code and record the dialogue for each one. Moreover, 80% of Dragon Age: Origins players chose human characters according to a comment from elders Dragon Age Writer David Gaider on the now defunct BioWare social network. This implies that relatively few people have experienced all six prologues. So, it might not make sense to dedicate so many resources to Origin Stories instead of working on other parts of the game.

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What Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Could Do

Assuming a fully playable in-game prologue is out of the question, there are still a few options that could allow Dragon Age: Dreadwolf to improve InquisitionThe origins. In fact, some of these possibilities are things that BioWare has already done with some of their previous games.

The easiest option might be to follow Mass Effectis in the lead. For those who don’t remember, Mass Effect players determined Shepard’s backstory by choosing a pre-service story and psychological profile during character creation. These would unlock and significantly change some side quests in Mass Effect 1, all of which served to flesh out Shepard’s backstory. Developers could copy this system almost one by one in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf giving players a unique quest for each race and another based on the character’s class.

Alternatively, BioWare could get a bit more creative with how it integrates Origins into Dragon Age: Dreadwolfthe prologue. For example, Obsidian Entertainment’s 2016 RPG Tyranny featured a unique interactive prologue where players made choices on a map of the game setting. This allowed Tyrannyto cover a significant amount of time very quickly while letting players decide what choices their characters make at each junction. While this technique might suit some stories better than others, it’s something developers might think about.

Dragon Age Keep may contain the answer

Other options could be to open the game with something like Mass Effect: Genesis Where Dragon Age: The Last Court. Genesis was a comic book-style DLC for Mass Effect 2 which recaps the events of the previous game and lets the player make important decisions from this game. The last yard was a text adventure of sunless sea developer Failbetter Games, which served as the official prologue to Inquisition.

However, Dragon Age: Dreadwolfthe best bet might come from the Dragon Age Dungeon website. In addition to allowing players to record their decisions through the dragon age franchise, it also featured an interactive animated short narrated by fan-favorite recurring character Varric. As ME2it is Genesis comic, it allowed players to make important decisions compared to the previous game. It wouldn’t be impossible for BioWare to create something similar that would work like Dragon Age: Dreadwolfis the in-game prologue. Perhaps his works could draw inspiration from in-universe artwork, such as the ancient Elvish murals seen in Intruder and figured largely in Dragon Age: Dreadwolfprior promotional content from .

Ideally, the next Dragon Age: Dreadwolf would refer to those decisions later in the game, perhaps even having origin-specific side quests. However, even in isolation, a Dragon Age Dungeon– an inspired prologue could serve as a unique and memorable introduction to the game, especially for anyone who comes to dragon age for the first time. If nothing else, this would be a significant improvement over how Dragon Age: Inquisition managed his Origin Stories.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is in development.

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