Hogwarts’ legacy must turn its attention to the brighter side of the wizarding world

Spiders, Dementors, Thestrals and Inferi all herald a gruesome adventure in Hogwarts Legacy. From the Forbidden Forest to enigmatic dungeons, Hogwarts Legacy presents several places where there will be exciting and bewitching encounters. It is now clear that the forces of evil are an integral part of Hogwarts Legacy, at least in terms of whether or not players indulge in it. This may have been what many fans had wanted Hogwarts Legacybut the game shouldn’t give up the light charm of the wizarding world either.


Enjoying bountiful feasts, hanging out with other students, and being swept up in the magical fantasy of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are massive draws for the franchise. Building friendships, overcoming tough opponents, and attending various classes are all part of being a student at Hogwarts, and it seems like Hogwarts Legacy will offer all these features. These moments can be reserved until Hogwarts Legacy will launch in February, but should speak out more if the game doesn’t want to be seen solely as a dark, horror-inspired experience.

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Hogwarts Legacy Has Showed Its Dark Side Enough

Tonally, Hogwarts Legacy can be everywhere. Hogwarts Legacy feels more like a horror game with each passing trailer, and it’s fantastic for fans who enjoy Wizarding World’s more mature and disturbing content. But if there really are more sequences and stories in Hogwarts Legacy feeling like a lighter experience for its characters, which is just as worth sharing as its insidious experiences. Nothing more than Hogwarts Legacy shares of its darker tales may reveal too much before the game launches.

With the promotional material that has been released, it seems that a lot Hogwarts Legacy is centered around its darker tones, while its lighter tones have been pushed into the background. The areas where players will likely experience his lightest moments are in classrooms full of other students. Classes were previously introduced as a main feature of Hogwarts Legacyand they hopefully still are, even though many activities and adventures take players beyond the castle walls.

It is in these moments of study in the classroom and time spent in the dormitory of the player’s house that Hogwarts Legacy can introduce a lighter tone to the game. It may not be necessary for the game to be immersive or successful, but it’s a defining feature of early Wizarding World entries and would be fantastic as part of Hogwarts Legacyexperience.

Hogwarts Legacy Needs As Much Levity And Wonder As It Does Horror

It will be interesting to see what tones and themes are expressed in Hogwarts Legacy, as well as in side quests for Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff houses. It’s possible that Hogwarts Legacy has multiple endings determined by the companion quests players have chosen to complete, with some luring them down a path to sinister magic and others having them choose a brighter path.

Alternatively, there may be smaller choices in each companion quest that determine the player’s outcome, allowing players to interact with their companions as they wish. Players being able to choose whether to learn Crucio themselves or let Sebastian Sallow throw it at them, for example, seems like a choice in the quest line that could have lingering effects on the game’s main narrative, not the only one. Sebastian’s mate quest.

Perhaps the Hufflepuff companion quest will have a much more light-hearted or compassionate decision for players, like healing an injured creature or enjoying an all-expenses-paid trip to Hogsmeade. Something to create a balance with whimsy or lightness in the middle Hogwarts Legacy‘s Dark Arts.

Hogwarts Legacy releases February 10 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A Switch version is also in development.

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